Cat Warmth: Chill-thawing Tips for Comfy Cats

Pet Heater Pad Cover ~ Animal Heating Dog Cats Outdoor Electric Machine Wash NEW
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Featuring internal thermostats, this bed provides a warm sleeping surface by heating to a cat's natural body temperature. The durable ABS plastic exterior is easy to clean and the steel-wrapped cord deters pets from chewing. It's Ideal for barns, garages, cat houses, sheds, porches or any covered area your cat likes to lounge.
The Original Stanfield Pet Heating Pad: For Dogs, Cats, & Exotic Animals
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Little Feral cat I have been feeding is Afraid of people and was part of family thatwas hurt by a neighbor. I use a cat igloo from Petsmart with opening on my porch facing a brick wall. The kitty can get into it from the top but not a larger animal. She prefers to crawl up under a VW bus in my neighbors back yard that is stored. Not warm for winter so thinking of a way to get her into a warm basement where human activity might discourage predators. The crawl space did attract a an animal before we put foam insulation into it but not since. it has a wire fence to separate it from the basement. Water heater and dryer and large heating system provide a good winter refuge. old 1950 window that can easily have a pain removed might be useful when using a long cardboard tube from a home improvement store. They can be large in diameter and TuffSTuff around the opening and the tube keep cold out and that is also used on other basement windows. Have shelves in this basement and many options for a good place to take a nap. Even the stairs are popular with my own cats. I would like to take cat to vet for shots since she has caused a virus with my cats and they are doing well at this point and I assume she is probably survived that virus. Keep this in mind when you expose your cats to abandoned kitties. They make low-voltage electric heating pads specifically for cats and other pets
Photo provided by FlickrDogs and cats can get cozy in a heated pet bed, which help soothe achy joints ..
Photo provided by FlickrPet Heater Pad Cover ~ Animal Heating Dog Cats Outdoor Electric Machine Wash NEW
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A cat heating pad is a small, padded device that your pet cat can rest on and which provides warmth. These pads are comfortable for cats of all ages and at all times of year, but most pets will especially enjoy them when it is cold outside. Older cats also tend to spend more time on their heating pads as compared with younger cats. There are a number of reasons why getting a heating pad for your cat may help to make him more comfortable and to ease discomfort that he feels as a result of arthritis, bone and joint issues, and other medical conditions as well.Older cats in particular may experience stiffness during times when it is especially cold outside. Cats of all ages may be more stiff when they wake up or in the early morning. Having a heated pad available will give your pet a place to rest his legs and other parts of his body that may become stiff as well. Many vets recommend having a heated pad available to give your pet a chance to reduce his stiffness at these crucial times of day and during specific times of year.Cats are sensitive to the cold in the same way that humans are. If your pet spends a good portion of his time outside when the weather is cold, his immune system may be weakened. This allows diseases of various types to have a better chance of affecting him during this time of year. As a result, your cat will be more likely to become sick. If your pet has a heated pad to rest on while he's indoors, however, he will be able to get adequate rest and his immune system will remain strong. Electrical heating pads and pet beds without a working thermostat and safety settings pose a threat not only to your cat but to your home. When you first start using a new heated cat bed, check the settings carefully and make sure that the bed is behaving as it should. Old and sick cats with severely aching joints and other problems may not realize that their fur or skin is burning in time to prevent injury, so you'll have to keep an eye on things just to make sure everything is okay.