Snuggle Safe Pet Bed Microwave Heating Pad

Velcro strips keep cover closed over heat disc
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Your best bet is to get a pet heating pad that is rated for out-door use. Allied Precision makes one. If you are nervous with an electric pad, a SnuggleSafe heat disc can be purchased which can be heated up in a microwave and lasts 9-12 hours on trip into the microvave. If you go this route, remember to buy the cover so you won't burn the kitties and makes it hold and distribute the heat better.
Place the kittens in a box or pet carrier with a towel-covered heating pad (set on low) or microwavable disc inside the box
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Snuggle Safe Heat Disc - This is a disc you can put in the microwave for a few minutes and it holds heat for a long time. You put it inside a fabric bag (or under a blanket, I believe) and set it in your pet's bed. I think they’re made for dogs and cats, but are also used for small animals. Pet Wipes. Newborn Items. Kitten Replacement Milk. Kitten Nursing Bottles. Miracle Nipples. Baby Blankets. Snuggle Safe Heating Disc. Baby Cuddle Toys.
Photo provided by FlickrTemperature Control: We use a pad and sometimes a heating disc to maintain the body temperature of your pet while under anesthesia
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…continual source of heat. Use anywhere and anytime - in a bed, in the car, for senior or arthritic pets, for convalescing pets, for newborn pets - any place your pet needs a few hours of extra warmth. Snuggly fleece casing with hook and loop closures helps cover the disc. SnuggleSafe is used…Full disclosure: I actually use bulbs from my local mega-chain petsore, PetSmart, because it lets me easily return bulbs if they're broken. So, I'm using an and a nothing-special no-particular-recommendation to check temperatures. The rest of my heating setup (and timer) came from Pet & Pond, and I'm totally happy with their customer service, shipping speed, quality, etc.If your small dog expends a lot of energy shivering, a heated dog bed can reduce discomfort by safely warming them up. Some styles offer a lowered front, giving your pup easy access to their warmed sleeping quarters. And once it is ready for some cleanup, their removable cushion can be taken off for a hassle-free wash. Self-heated dog beds are an ideal choice if you pup’s bed isn’t close to an outlet. That’s because a layer of special insulation within self-heated dog beds radiates warmth generated from your pet’s own body keeping them comfortably snug.Temperature Control: We use a pad and sometimes a heating disc to maintain the body temperature of your pet while under anesthesia. This allows us to keep our patient's temperature regulated during the surgery, providing safer, smoother recoveries. We also use warmed blankets in the kennel after surgical and dental procedures.