Only Natural Pet Eye & Upper Respiratory Homeopathic Remedy

Only Natural Pet Stress & Anxiety Dog & Cat Homeopathic Remedy
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This homeopathic combination of remedies is potentially beneficial for pet car-sickness and motion-sickness.
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The approach to homeopathy is very different from conventional medicine. To do this successfully requires that we talk at length to determine the pattern of illness affecting your pet. The initial consultation takes the most time as we are gathering pertinent information. The information is analyzed and a treatment plan is devised. Homeopathic medicines are called remedies. The precise remedy for your pet is given orally and then a response is observed over the next one to three weeks. Subsequent consultations examine your pet’s healing reaction and further treatments are planned. For more information on homeopathy contact our friendly staff! Most traditional pets do not believe in homeopathy. But studies have shown some remedies to be effective.
Photo provided by FlickrNote: PetCalm is a homeopathic remedy and is safe for animals of all ages. There are no known drug interactions.
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Samuel Hahnemann developed this affordable healing system over 200 years ago. It addresses the emotional and mental reasons behind an illness and is based on the thought, "like treats like". Some people believe that illness is the result of an emotional imbalance in the body. Homeopathy has been used with people for many years and is becoming more recognized as an alternative treatment for pets. Many holistic veterinarians and pet owners use homeopathic remedies because they can help heal their pets of many mental, emotional, and physical health problems. Herbal and homeopathic remedies for canines are receiving more attention as pet lovers search for alternatives, as well as compliments, to standard veterinary care. Learn more about the basis of homeopathy and how herbals are used to treat common canine ailments. As homeopathic and herbal remedies grow in recognition, more and more pet owners are likely to gravitate to their use and more and more veterinarians will be amenable to using them as part of an arsenal of products available to enhance pet health. However, the lack of scientific evidence as to their efficacy is likely to remain a stumbling block to widespread acceptance. A good deal of what we know about veterinary medicine has been borrowed from human medicine. So, it's not unusual to see an increase in the use of herbal and homeopathic remedies for canines. The rising cost of veterinary care has probably played a role in the interest in homeopathy, however, this isn't the sole reason pet owners are exploring their alternatives. As the market-leading brand of natural remedies for pets, we ensure the highest level of quality, safety and effectiveness. From fast-acting symptom relief using our homeopathic remedies to improved long-term health with our herbal supplements, our products help cats, dogs, horses and even small pets live healthier, happier lives – naturally!Welcome to Wolf Creek Ranch! Here, the animals are our friends, family, teachers, angels, and loves. Experience and research has taught us that traditional methods of feeding, worming, vaccinating, and medicating do not bring optimum health to ourselves or the animals. Thus, we utilize ONLY natural rearing and holistic treatment methods. Species appropriate nutrition (aka SARF for our canine and feline carnivores - Species Appropriate Raw Food), natural, holistic, herbal, and homeopathic remedies, etc., along with plenty of exercise, sunshine, proper training, and tender loving care.Ever notice the wild animals are NOT extinct? Coyotes, foxes, wolves, bobcats, mountain lions, deer, bear, etc. are thriving. Why is it they aren't all dying from , , , , , , lepto, , blood sucking insects like , cancers, and ALL the diseases we are vaccinating and chemically treating OUR pets for? The answers begin with the fact that the wild life are eating NOT krappy killer kibble in a bag. They are getting tons of daily healthy exercise running their tails off or flying their wings off daily to hunt down their species appropriate nutrition which helps keep their immune systems strong and HEALTHY! They are NOT chemically wormed, given toxic , , NSAID's, etc. In other words, their bodies aren't constantly being poisoned with traditional medicine (which lowers their immune systems), as traditional veterinarian's treat our beloved pets and animals. The ONLY thing driving the wild life to extinction in our opinion is "Man's Progress" - freeways, shopping centers, tract homes, hunters, etc. and the air and water pollution that results from this so-called progress.Keep your animal companions naturally healthy and their lives will be healthier and longer lived "healthy" lives, not lives filled with dis-ease and early death. Research the effects of chemical wormers like ivermectin, pyrantel, etc. and find that more effective natural wormers like is an easy, natural method of worming. Toxic traditional flea and mite preventatives are more healthily replaced with all natural or natural fly control . The unhealthy effects of are causing dis-ease, including cancers, liver diseases, etc., just as unhealthy are destroying our immune systems and compromising our health and healthful longevity.The products we carry are those we personally use amongst ourselves and our animals. We carry a variety of healthy, natural, and organic supplements and immune system boosters as well as holistic herbal remedies to help eliminate ,