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Call Skyline Pet hotel for a quote for estimated price before your pet's stay.
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We have several packages that you can choose from when boarding with us here at Tenaker in Aurora, Colorado. Our pricing works similar to that of a hotel. We charge you for the day that you drop off regardless of the time. Monday through Saturday our checkout time is noon. If your pet is picked up by then, you are not charged for that day. Sunday you are charged for regardless. The prices listed below are base prices. Please look at our A la carte options to add on to the package of your choice. Also, please note that the second dog discount only applies to dogs sharing a run.
Call Skyline Pet hotel for a quote for estimated price before your pet's stay.
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Your dog can stay in one of 2 Deluxe Suites, 8 Executive Suites, 3 Presidential Suites, or 17 Petite Suites.
Guests can stay alone in their own suite or share their vacation with up to 2 friends.
Each suite provides the dogs with raised bowls and large, comfortable beds for those non-chewers.
Each hotel guest is taken outside three times daily. You can also schedule your pet for two socialized play sessions daily (included in your hotel suite price) with our other guests and staff along with naptimes and special treats.
Each guest must pass our socialization test prior to being allowed into play sessions. Those who do not pass will be given shorter, individual play times (at a reduced rate).
Each of our play session guests MUST be neutered or spayed if over 6 months of age. Intact animals are welcome to stay in our hotel but will not be eligible for socialized playtime.
Each guest must be current on vaccinations for rabies, distemper and kennel cough, be on monthly flea control and an intestinal de-wormer Great Valley Pet Hotel pet boarding information. See our Boarding Prices, Activity Options, Activity Prices and more.
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You will need to fill out our standard upon check-in. Pet Hotel Hadley offers discounts for multi-night stays. The prices below are for a single night only. Your final bill will be determined upon checkout. All guests must have a current Bordatella vaccination on file.Nov 15, 2015 ... At this New York City pet hotel, dogs can sleep in suites bigger than some ... They're the lowest price point for boarding at D Pets, and are their ...All rates are per night, each additional guest will receive all the same amenities. Dogs staying in our pet hotel will receive a complimentary bath after 3 nights. Price includes playtime.Petsmart Hotel Prices and daytime rates for Day Care in Atrium Room - $15 Doggy ... Some younger pets are not ready to be left alone, making the Petsmart Pet ...