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Heated Pet Houses Multiple Cats | Luxury Lounging Hideout For One or Multiple Cats
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Our K&H Outdoor Kitty House is made with 600 denier nylon with a vinyl backing that makes this waterproof. The roof hangs over the 2 doors to keep cats warm, safe and dry. Easy to assemble with velcro walls and a zippered roof. The perfect house for any outdoor cat. Two exits so your pet cannot be trapped by predators. No tools needed to assemble.
Cute wooden pet house for cats
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Designed by Sebastian Haquet and Thomas Lanthier from , the K-banette and Kokon are chic, modern and multi-functional shelters for pets. Their unique design enables you to have a little plant garden on top of the pet house. You can place 4 flowerpots (that come with the package) on the top of the house and enjoy a little bit of nature. The pet homes themselves are cozy little designer abodes suitable for cats or small dogs. Dogs aren't the only household pet that needs a comfy spot to sleep outside. We have adorable pet house options for cats!
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Photo provided by FlickrDogs aren't the only household pet that needs a comfy spot to sleep outside. We have adorable pet house options for cats!
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We also carry made from solid cedar wood. Many of our have heating options. We have many models that offer optional heating pads, or if you prefer, you could install a for the ultimate cozy and warm cat house. A is ideal for providing weather protection for feral cats as well as for family pets. Choose one of our for added protection. We carry many sizes and styles. Choose a for one cat or one of our larger models for multiple cats. Either way, our cedar cat houses are not only practical but they are quite good looking, too. The Armarket is one of the most reliable pet product brands. Its line of ergonomic pet beds stands out for a pet-friendly design and high-quality materials. The Kitty Cave is not an exception. Designed for indoor use, the house offers a great combo of comfort features, style and functionality. Knowing how frisky cats can be, the manufacturer fitted the house with a skid-proof base so that they couldn't tip it over, while in order to make the house more welcoming to cats, added an extra-soft bed pad and a nice-to-touch velvety finish. All these features combined makes this house a super comfortable sleeping environment for your pet.Dogs love to feel warm and comfortable. Indoor dog house designs with large thick cushions are ideal for them. Cats need a cozy design. Pet beds for cats and cat houses are smaller, but not less comfortable. Here are creative and attractive cats and dogs house designs that are functional and unique, beautiful and inviting.This is why I wanted to know how many of you liked cats. My boyfriend and I love doing DIY's and we figured that my cat needed a little place of her own. We just hate those cat trees that Petsmart & Petco sell so we decided to make her a little house... Well not so little. 3 stories to be correct. Its not totally done, still needs paint and the bottom floor's windows and such. I'd love to expand this and make it into a business. I've never seen an actual house for a cat but mine loves it. She sleeps in it every night, plays in it during the day. And her most favorite part about it is that the third story is high enough she can lay down and look out the window. Its all made of wood, currently had four window, two skylights and hand cut shingles. Feel free to inbox me if you would be interested in one or have any questions. I am going to try to keep you updated as we do more on it, so keep an eye out!

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