Pet Lamp: unique handcrafted lamps made from plastic bottles

PET CH Set of 3 Lamps (Assorted)
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The project has already created three different collections: Eperara-Siapidara (Colombia), Chimbarongo (Chile), Abyssinia (Ethiopia). Each one uses different traditional textile techniques and are constantly working so the project can be pushed even further. The PET Lamp project keeps growing. The next step is looking into a collaboration with Australian aboriginal artisans. In 2016, the launch of the Japanese collection under the name of Kyoto emerged — a set of lamps made by bamboo artisans from this city—.
Pet Lamp: unique handcrafted lamps made from plastic bottles #lamps, #design, #crafts
Photo provided by Flickr
Aren’t they so light and airy and just drop dead stunning? I have basket lamps in my hallway (not by PET though) and love them. They throw the best patterned shadows onto the walls when illuminated too. Here are some more that caught my eye in different patterns and styles, including the next and final photo as shown in the always-inspiring location of … PET lamps by Alvaro Catalan de Ocon.
Photo provided by FlickrPlastic bottles woven with wicker form Chimbarongo shades for PET Lamps project
Photo provided by FlickrPet lamps made of recycled plastic bottles, designed by Alvaro Catalán de Ocón
Photo provided by Flickr
The story begins in 2011. In the summer of that year, the Spanish designer was invited to Colombia, to participate in a project focused on the reuse of PET plastic bottles. Helene Le Drogou psychologist, activist in the fight against the contamination of the Colombian Amazon by plastic waste, asked the designer an opinion regarding the possibility of producing products from the collected PET bottles. Thus, in 2012, PET lamp idea appeared, a project that converts waste plastic into unique handcrafted lamps.designer Alvaro Catalan de Ocon has created a range of wicker lamp shades woven with old plastic bottles by artisans in Chile for his PET Lamps projec. Milan, 2014PET Lamp Studio Society has appeared as an organized platform by the manifestation of creativity, and local culture starting from the use of waste PETs. The lamps created by the studio in collaboration with the local artisans are the cultural expression of the area from which the craftsmen come. If in Colombia, they work especially with textile and wool, in Chile, the artisans use also vegetal materials for weaving lampshades. All the lampshades are handcrafted and unique as model, being woven for different models of lamps made by designers. Without forcing the styling, the top and neck of the bottle are left in plain sight with the intention of telling a story to the client about its origins. The used cables are coated with fabric, specially ordered in different and vivid colours with a fall and perfect texture. The initiators of the PET Lamp project aim to continue to expand in other countries, to enrich with other materials and manage to highlight more cultures, and stories.The cute insectoid lamps are even shipped in cardboard boxes with air holes to further the illusion that these sweet little guys are real live pets.In addition to my obsession with pillows, chairs and art, I am obsessed with lighting in all it’s forms. Candles, pendants, sconces, lamps… That’s why when I read about in German magazine , I knew I had to share them with the rest of world who isn’t regularly tuning in to German mags. PET Lamp, based in Madrid, reinvent the way baskets are being used – and remakes them into amazing basket lamps that you will swoon for. Check this.Bulborama Supra Life pet light bulbs are the preferred choice for small mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and birds. With full spectrum neodynium, high UVB output lamps, and moonlight simulating reptile bulbs, Bulborama pet lamps outlast standard lamps up to 10 times, improve the color and health of reptiles, and provide safe heat sources to keep pets feeling healthy in their natural habitat.