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Delray Beach, FL 33445Most customers receive their order within a few days. Orders with prescription medication may take 5 - 7 days, depending on how quickly your veterinarian gives us authorization.4. Will I need to provide my pet's medical information?We are required by law to know your pet's medical issues, weight, breed, and age as it is necessary to ensure safety in dispensing prescription medications for your pet. For some over-the-counter (non-prescription) items we might need to know your pet's weight and type to make sure your pet receives the right product. But the more we know about your pet, the better we can suggest the right products to meet your pet's needs, so we encourage you to supply us with all of your pet's medical information.5. Does 1-800-PetMeds offer a product guarantee?
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The Internet pharmacies LegitScript evaluates are not limited to those selling human medications. We monitor websites selling pet medications as well, using the same criteria. The US law prohibiting the sale of prescription drugs without a prescription also applies to pet medications, and offering prescription meds prescription-free is a common trait of illegal, or “rogue,” Internet pharmacies. One such website, , is designated rogue by LegitScript for a few reasons: It does not require a prescription for prescription pet medicine, it sources its drugs from an unregulated and unknown supply chain, and it illegally imports drugs into the United States. Pet Meds, No Prescription Required--Fast, Free Shipping - Rimadyl
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Anyone can go online and order general pet meds that don’t require a prescription such as non-prescription flea medicine like most Frontline flea treatments for dogs or Frontline for cats. If you order through a site like 1800-Pet-Meds, you’ll simply search for your pet’s medication and add it to your cart. You can set up an account to save your information for the next purchase, or input it each time and pay as you go. Non-prescription pet meds are really simple to order.If prescription meds cause side effects, cat owners can find natural arthritis meds for cats sold without a prescription at pharmacies. These meds can have less pronounced anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. However, unlike prescription pet meds, OTC arthritis meds for cats do not cause long-term side effects.Another problem with buying counterfeit pet meds off the Internet is the lack of essential information in the event of a product recall. The EPA, which as a pesticide, puts registration numbers on the packaging of all the products it regulates, and these numbers would be referenced in a health warning or recall. Buying products like these from an unknown source means they can’t be traced back to the manufacturer if there is a health warning or recall. Merial, the maker of Frontline, doesn’t even this non-prescriptive product unless it’s purchased directly from a vet in the US.