Disney Tails Pet Accessory - Bow Collar - Minnie Mouse

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Our discount is the perfect starter home for your pet mouse or rat. This fun, colorful habitat is ideal for younger pet owners, and comes complete with an exercise wheel and all the accessories your pet needs to stay healthy and happy.
12.2*9*9cm Pet Hamster Accessories Wooden Swing Toy For Pets Mouse Rat Parrot Squirrels Gerbil Mice Funny Exercise Free Shipping
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Welcome to the Little Live Pets Pet Shop! Adopt your own virtual pet – feed, clean, play and accessorize your pet mouse, turtle, bird, puppy and more. Adopt them from the pet shop and care for them - just like a real pet! Play mini-games to level up, earn coins and unlock surprises!


- Choose the virtual pets that you would like to adopt in the pet shop: all new Splashberry the Frog, Chatter the Mouse, Digi the Gaming Turtle, Poppin’ Polly the Bird, Purrcilla the Kitten, Sweet Beat the Puppy and Luvey Duck.
- Keep your pet happy by feeding, cleaning and playing with them.
- Play mini-games to level up and earn coins: Puppy Dash, Mouse Hurdles, Puppy Jumble, Tweet Along, Turtle Turbo, Cheese Quest and Cleverkeet Augmented Reality.
- Create your own Sweet Talking Kitten sound recordings with the Sweet Repeat game.
- Use your coins to buy food, toys, accessories, habitats and cleaning materials from the Store.
- Unlock new items as you play along and progress through the levels.

Have fun with these caring activities:
- Feed your pet – let your pet enjoy a sumptuous feast of delicious apples, pears, carrots, bananas and even artichokes!
- Clean your pet – grab the soap, sponge, brush, towel and shower head to wash your pet.
- Play and have fun – throw a ball and play with your pet to keep it happy.
- Dress up! Keep your pet cool with cute hats, ties, collars and many other accessories.
- Interact with your pet - tap your pet anywhere and you will see it move, feel, react and sound like a real pet!

Play the fun mini-games and earn cool rewards for you and your pet!
Guide Snuggles the puppy over the jumps and cones in the agility course and run as fast as you can to win loads of points.
Hop along to the new Frog Hop game! Race Splashberry against her frog friends – jump over the logs and catch the flies to get speedy power-ups, and don’t get stuck in the mud!
- Race with other mice, jump over hurdles and catch the cheese power-ups to emerge as the champion of the Mouse Hurdles mini-game.
- Tweet in the same tune as our Tweet Talking Bird in the Tweet Along mini-game.
- Help the Sweet Talking Puppy find the delicious dishes he’s dreaming about in Puppy Jumble.
- Dive and dodge the obstacles and reach the finish line before timer stops in the Turtle Turbo mini-game.
- Roll the Lil’ Mouse through the maze of pipes. Navigate bridges, spinning wheels and other obstacles to reach the cheese and give your pet a tasty treat in the Cheese Quest mini-game!
- Experience the fun as Cleverkeet comes to life in the Cleverkeet Augmented Reality Game! Feed him and see him fly. Sing, dance and play with him. Dress him up with cute and cool accessories.

Have fun taking care of your Little Live Pets! This is my first time saw a pet cage with so many accessories, if I am the mouse, I will be very happy to live in there. :)
Photo provided by FlickrDisney Tails Pet Accessory - Personalized Dog Tag - Mickey Mouse
Photo provided by FlickrApr 19, 2017 - 12.2*9*9cm Pet Hamster Accessories Wooden Swing Toy For Pets Mouse Rat Parrot Squirrels Gerbil Mice Funny Exercise Free Shipping.
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