The Benefits of Pet Nutri-Drops by Revival Animal Health

Pet NutriDrops is an all natural energy source and can be used safely in racingcompetition.
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"I recommend Pet Nutri Drops be given to the pup or kitten at the rate of 1cc per 3lbs of body weight, daily, for as long as the animal is under stress. Pet NutriDropsis an excellent product to send home with the purchaser to make sure the pet is off to agood start in its new home."
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Because the strength of the immune system depends on the nutrients the animal receives, antibiotics can only be as effective as the energy level of the animal. In pets with diseases, the immune system does not have the energy or nutrients needed to effectively fight off disease. Pet Nutri-Drops quickly elevates the levels of glucose and other essential nutrients, promoting maximum antibiotic response. It also stimulates the pet's appetite so they can receive the needed nutrients through food and heal quickly. PET NUTRI-DROPS:
Photo provided by FlickrPet NutriDrops, administered 1 hour prior to competition, provides the energy sourceto maximize performance and increase stamina.
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Pet NutriDrops enables the newborn to overcome these lifethreatening crises andget off to a strong start. The weak, stressed newborn will be active and aggressive innursing. Fading pups will show appetite as fast as 15 minutes.Pet NutriDrops immediately restores the immune system, correcting any nutrientdeficiencies. It should be administered 20 minutes prior to any antibiotic to maximize theuptake of the antibiotic.The most common problem in whelping is exhaustion which results from low blood sugarlevels. Whenever there is an extended length of time between pups, Pet NutriDrops hasa very important role. NutriDrops immediately elevates blood glucose and normal,strong contractions are evident in minutes.Transport, frequent competition, adaptation to a new environment and lonliness aresignificant stress on any animal. Often this stress includes loss of appetite and alistless attitude. NutriDrops eliminates this stress and provides an immediateenergetic, winning attitude.NutriDrops provides rapid energy and is beneficial in any condition where additionalenergy and nutrients are needed, including stimulating appetite following surgery."I am a cat breeder and since using Pet Nutri Drops, I've had remarkable results. Igave Pet Nutri Drops, undiluted, to 1 kitten that was near death. In a short time, he wasup, running around and eating. I also give Pet Nutri Drops as a daily vitamin supplementin their food.""We maintained 1 litter on Pet Nutri Drops for 4 weeks when the mother had inadequatemilk supply and we were amazed how well these pups did. Pet Nutri Drops does not upset thestomach like other products.""Since using Pet Nutri Drops, pups which normally died are now being saved. Pet NutriDrops stimulates appetite and does not cause diarrhea with continued use."