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Pet Partition by PortablePET | Twistep - Dog Step for SUV's and Trucks
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The Heininger PortablePET Pet Partition is the safe way for pet owners to share drive time with their furry friends without compromising their attention to the road around them. With it pets are safely, yet comfortably confined to a spot in the back seat of your vehicle. Easy to install and adjustable from 34 in. to 60 in. in width and 23 in. to 45 in. in height, the PortablePET Pet Partition is nearly universal in application making it perfect for virtually any SUV, minivan or station wagon. More features include: easy installation, compatibility with medium to large sized dogs, also functions as a partition for hauling luggage.
Add on Rung for Pet Partition | Twistep - Dog Step for SUV's and Trucks
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Driving with your dog can be fun, but it can also be a dangerous distraction. Dogs want to play in the front seat, snack on tasty treats, and snuggle up in your lap. All these things and more take your attention away from where it should be: the road. To keep you and your pet safe while driving, contain your dog in the back seat with a dog car barrier like the PortablePET Pet Partition by Heininger. The PortablePET Pet Partition is a versatile dog barrier that keeps your four-legged friend safely in the back of the car. The dog car barrier consists of two vertical braces that support two sets of horizontal rungs. Additional rungs (sold separately) can be added to increase the coverage of the barrier. Assembling and installing the PortablePET dog car barrier is fast and easy. Once the dog barrier is put together, you can place it in the back of your vehicle to make slight adjustments to customize the fit. Expand the rungs for wider spaces. Shorten the braces for lower roofs. The partition can expand to between 34" and 60" wide as well as 23" to 45" in height. The PortablePET Pet Partition is made with quality materials and an effective, functional design. This dog barrier is recommended for medium and large breeds. The entire setup is designed to adjust to your car; this nearly universal application makes it ideal for almost any SUV, minivan or station wagon. With the PortablePET Partition, you enjoy clear visibility and your dog stays safe and secure while driving. Products 1 - 40 of 888 - Product - PortablePET Pet Partition Vehicle Barrier ..
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