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Adventures: An often overlooked form of enriching your pig’s life is to show her the world. Harness train the pig and go for a car ride. Go check out the mountains, go for a hike, mingle at Petsmart or Tractor Supply, go to the beach, play in the sand & water, check out the lake and snorkel for little bugs, play in a stream, check out a friend’s house with all different toys and smells, go camping, take a walk, visit a nursing home, meeting new people, vacationing, ride in the car to pick up the kids from school. A pig is so intelligent they really do enjoy broadening their horizons, exploring the world around us is a great mental exercise and enrichment for them.
Comfort Fit Safety Harness is unique. Made just for pet pigs, it is designed to offer the ultimate in comfort, safety and fit.
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This is such an exciting time, and it’s fun to get everything ready for your new pet pig! Before your mini pig arrives, I recommend getting a crate, a bed, blankets, food and water bowls, litter box and puppy pads, a harness, and a play pen. Micro mini pig with a fitted harness on a leash outside grazing. How to house train a pig!!!! Oh I would love a pet pig!
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Pigs4Ever's company mission is to offer you the most up-to-date information available on the care and well-being of pet pigs. We also believe in, and advocate adoption of, abandoned pet pigs, not breeding! Within our site, you will find the latest up to date information on potbellied pigs, particularly the health care of pot bellied pigs, properly raising potbellied pigs, housing, training and more. You will also find health products for your pig, like treats, hair and skin conditioner, hoof conditioner and trimmers, leads and harnesses, supplements and much more.There are lots of options when choosing a harness for your pet pig. There is no right or wrong answer, as long as it fits YOUR pig comfortable. A snug fitting harness will make all the difference in being escape proof. Nobody wants a pig running down the road frantically. Most will say a harness made specifically for a pig will fit your pig best with less chance of escape and less rubbing. Others are comfortable using a dog harness for their pig, either a step in harness in A frame or a H frame harness.7) Harness. I’m still working on finding the right harness for Oscar. We have tried both the step-in and the over-the-head kinds and cannot find a perfect fit. Most people recommend the step-in kind for pigs but we have had a few slip outs with those and are using the over-the-head kind for now. If you are looking for an over-the-head harness to try, we have had good luck so far with Top Paw dog harnesses from Petsmart.Safety is the first and foremost important thing to think of when your pig goes out on the town, so we have chosen the best pig harness available: This harness is made just for pet pigs and is designed to offer the ultimate in comfort, safety and fit. They come in 4 sizes: Small to XLarge.The Comfort Fit Safety Harness is positioned just behind the apex of the shoulder. The modified “A” design allows the pet pig more freedom of movement and gives you better control. Ultra Comfort. The Comfort Fit Safety Harness is designed to provide maximum comfort and avoid chafing.