PAW Deluxe Portable Pet Playpen

This pet playpen is sturdy and portable, and that’s why it’s our #3 pick!
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Richell’s Convertible Indoor/Outdoor Pet Playpen: it’s stylish, it’s multi-functional, it’s three pet products in one. Made of durable plastic, this playpen can be used safely indoors or outside. The playpen works great outdoors to keep your pet in its own area during family gatherings. It converts into a pet gate and room divider to confine your pet safely indoors in areas with larger openings. Because the playpen includes a lockable Gate Door, your pet has easy access in/out of the playpen. When used as a gate or room divider, the Gate Door allows you to move freely from one area to another without having to shuffle the entire unit.
$39.99 Heavy Duty 8 Panel Pet Playpen Dog Cat Exercise Pen Fence Yard Kennel Portable | eBay
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I chose this pet play pen because it is the size I need, at a very affordable price. Plus, I liked what others had to say about it. I also liked that it will be shipped to my house free of charge. New BestPet Black 40" 8 Panel Heavy Duty Pet Playpen Dog Exercise Pen Cat Fence
Photo provided by FlickrTo ensure your pet's comfort, this play pen features a water dispenser hole and bottle holder,
Photo provided by FlickrLucky Dog Midtown Black Large Heavy-duty Outdoor Pet Playpen
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When running errands or hosting guests, pet owners unfold an octagon-shaped pet playpen to keep pups comfortably confined. The pen is made of lightweight nylon and has mesh windows that provide plenty of light and ventilation. Pets trot through a front door or levitate in via the removable ceiling before owners zip the pen shut behind or over them. A water-resistant floor protects carpets against accidents. For added stability during outdoor use, a series of built-in loops allow the pen to be staked into the ground.ogs can be unruly sometimes, and containing them in one place is difficult without the right dog supplies. This is where some of the best playpens for dogs come in, allowing pet owners to keep their canines in one place while also allowing the dog the freedom for little exercise and playtime with dog toys.It has sixteen square feet of room for your pet to romp in, and all but the biggest dogs will be quite pleased with it. Despite its large size, storage is a snap since it will easily fold flat and allow you to place it somewhere out of the way in your shed or garage when it’s not in use. It’s simply one of the best dog playpens you’ll be able to find, and for the price, it’s an absolute steal.In this article, we're going to discuss dog playpens specifically, and talk about choosing the best one for your pet. For some of these playpens for dogs that also work as pet gates, I recommend you watch video of to see how they work. In the meantime, we'll take a look at these five top rated best playpens for dogs and how they differ from each other:The best dog playpens serve a similar purpose baby toddler pens do – they're perfect for when we are busy with household chores and cannot attend to the dog, but also don't want our pets to get into trouble while we're not monitoring them. There are also a few alternatives to using indoor playpens for dogs, which are most often soft , dog-specific pet gates, outdoor , and even .There are many different reasons why a pet owner may consider purchasing a best playpen for dogs, or a single dog. Usually, it is because we feel guilty about closing our pets in a small dog crate, tying them up somewhere so they don't run away, or simply closing our dogs in another room so they wouldn't bother us.