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Christmas Gifts for Dogs and Cats: Pamper your pet with these presents
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If your pet is actually your best friend (1) you’re not alone and (2) what are you getting them for the holidays?! If you’ve stalled on gifting them (/you) this season, we have solutions. Our friends at – the leading online service connecting pet owners with the best sitters across the U.S. and Canada – handpicked their gifts for dogs and cats. Read on and unleash the cheer with these presents for your furry favorite.
iQ Pet presents how to attach the Starwalk to your dogs collar - YouTube
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Should my pet be present?
Being a veterinarian specializing in at-home pet euthanasia, I often get asked these types of questions a lot – “Should my pet be in the room during my other pet’s euthanasia?” Many people wonder if they should put their cats in the basement, have a family member walk the dogs, or keep the dogs in another area of the house. Simply put, the other pets should be present during a euthanasia – most of the time. Rocky & Maggie's Pet Boutique and Salon is pleased to present Glamour Dogs #RipTheRunway, a fashion show at Discovery Green's Grace Event Lawn.
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Photo provided by FlickrDo you know someone who loves his dog a much as some people love their children
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In survey after survey, the vast majority of pet owners say they treat their dogs and cats like family. And how could you leave any beloved member of the family out of the holiday festivities? According to a , 63% of dog owners and 58% of people with cats give their pets Christmas presents. Four in 10 dog owners, meanwhile, and 37% of cat owners hang stockings for their pets, and overall, Americans reportedly spend some $5 billion annually on holiday gifts for pets—a significant portion of the in the U.S.Speaking of cats, it is more difficult to find Valentine’s Day gifts for felines, which may explain why cat owners, according to the aforementioned APPA study, don’t buy as many. A number of pet products sites that I recently perused have entire sections devoted to Valentine’s Day presents for dogs and then only offer a few—or in some cases, zero—options for kitties. And this is just wrong. So listen up, pet retailers: We love our cats, too. Next year, have more Valentine’s Day options for us!Dogs are perhaps slightly more able to pick up on human excitement than other pets. They’re happy when you’re happy, so when a celebration is taking place, they’re excited. Dog owners love spoiling their pooches, and they’re often just as happy to receive a present meant for the dog as they are one meant for them. Everything from practical items to funny clothes makes a great gift for a dog owner.