packages; Pet Pride Cat Food sold in 18 lb

I have resue animals & pets pride is a great dog / cat food & affordable.
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We got a bag of Pet Pride Cat Food from Kroger and fed it to our cats and they have been throwing up, and they got diahrria from it, and they are losing there hair because of it too!
Earl said ExperTox tested the same styles and lot numbers of Pet Pride cat food that he fed Chuckles.
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"As the terms of the clandestinely negotiated settlement have yet to be disclose, as a result of further stalling tactics, I guess we'll just have to wait for the punch line to the April Fool's day announcement," said Earl, whose cat died in January 2007 after eating Menu Food's Pet Pride food. He says he took that action because his cat Chuckles suffered kidney disease and died in January after eating those flavors of Pet Pride food.
Photo provided by FlickrDon Earl, whose beloved cat Chuckles died after eating Menu Foods' Pet Pride food, called the settlement
Photo provided by FlickrHe sent samples of the same lots and styles of Pet Prides Turkey and Giblets and Mixed Grill cat food to  of Deer Park, Texas, for analysis.
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The dog food was traced to a plant in Tennessee, and NCDA&CS officials notified the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and Tennessee officials about the problem. The distributor, Kroger, voluntarily recalled bags of Pet Pride Cat Food, Pet Pride Kitten Formula Food, Old Yeller Chunks Dog Food, Kroger Value Chunk Dog Food and Kroger Value Cat Food with expiration dates of Oct. 23 and 24, 2011.Pet Pride is a Kroger’s brand of pet food. They produce dog food, cat food, cat litter and training pads. Although I found some negative reviews of their pet products, there also have many happy customers. Their products are really affordable and now, when they also offer a discount coupon, you might be interested to try purchasing their treats for your pet, to break the usual routine and treat him with something new. Their dog treats come in several different flavors: Twistin Bone Dog Treats, Beef Flavored Jerky Strips, Bacon Style Strips. They also have a Treat for cats: Chicken Breast Jerky.
With the coupon that’s currently available you will save $0.40 when you buy any 1 Pet Pride Cat Treats at Kroger Family of Stores. This offer expires on 12/11/2015 and you can clip the coupon , under the Pet care section. In order to load the coupon you will have to sign in at any of the Kroger family websites (and register if you haven’t already).I've been looking into alternatives... Target sells their own brand of a Cat Food similar to Fancy Feast (the ingredients look almost identical!), but the closest Target to me is about 30 minutes away! I was in Kroger the other day (about 2 minutes away!) and I noticed they sell their own brand of Cat Food (Pet Pride) and their 'Dinner' versions seem to be similar to the 'Classic' Fancy Feast products (No wheat gluten, etc)... at 5 (5.5oz) cans for $1.75, that's a great deal!My Pets Pride LLC is dedicated to doing everything possible to spread the good news of natures nutrition for your pets health. Felines Pride and Canines Pride are National Brands that are distributed through Shelby’s Pantry. To reach out to as many pet owners as we can we have established a ReSeller Program. This has been in place for some time and includes individuals that wish to buy food in bulk or eentrepreneurs that want to have quantity on hand for resell to other cat and dog owners with more favorable pricing. To be in this program you have to 1) be present on the day of delivery to receive your order ( to keep from defrosting), and 2) place minimum order quantities or 80 lbs or more and 3) it is important that you own an appropriate size freezer(s) to keep the product frozen down. To give you and idea of what kind of ReSellers we currently have they range from individuals with lots of cats and dogs, to small pet food stores, to Veterinarians and Hospitals.