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Wonderful pet supply store. The employees are great! Love the products. Highly recommend
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3. Compile a list of pet supply stores in your city and surrounding towns and discreetly visit each store to view the shop’s product line, layout and employee interactions with customers. Obtain copies of promotional materials and information on educational events scheduled at the shops.
Come by and visit our store to browse and see all of our wellness pet products!
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NV Pets is the first “hybrid” manufacturer rep firm that pioneers new product, especially consumables with a twist. The twist (what makes us a hybrid) is that we purchase your products, bring them into our warehouse and sell them across the country to pet supply dealers. Once the line is established in a geographic area, we go to our larger distributor partners and have them bring in the line, exposing your products to a larger sales force and guaranteeing our distributor partner a turnkey customer base on your line. We will still service your products but through our distributor partner. It is a win – win for everyone. Watch for the following pet products to be "Coming Soon" to our online store!&nbsp
Photo provided by FlickrYou can also find all sorts of products, along with an incredible array of cute pets, in the pet stores along quai de la Mégisserie.
Photo provided by FlickrHealthy Pet Products customers can also find an inviting archway made of cat boxes over the store’s aisles.
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Busch Pet Products began as an online-only retailer in late 2008. Owner Stacy Busch wanted to stay in the dog world without showing dogs, as she had with her professional handler parents for many years. The online store morphed from blingy collars to natural pet food very quickly and when Stacy realized she was delivering as much dog food locally as she was selling online, it was time to open a brick and mortar location."These smaller chains are really successful because they get to know their customers," said Steve King, president of the Pet Industry Distributors Assn., which works with pet product wholesalers. "They can be much more nimble in the marketplace and bring on products that are new and trending and hot."At our Wells, Maine location you will find many of the products available in our Kennebunk location. We hope you will visit each store and see for yourself our large inventory of pet food and supplies.The expansion is more than just big-box stores. In 2009, the company introduced stores named Unleashed by Petco that are intended to "answer the call of our customers who were looking for a smaller footprint, locally focused neighborhood pet store," Petco spokeswoman Megan Oxford said. The smaller stores spotlight "high-quality products" and the "very best" in dog and cat food, Oxford said. The stores also host events such as pet birthday parties and meet-ups.The heaviest purchasers of pet products tend to be customers that are health-conscious and are from households that earn more than $70,000, said James Russo, senior vice president of global consumer insights at Nielsen.The exclusive Pet Product News 2015 survey was conducted in late Spring by Readex, which since 1947 has been one of America’s most respected research organizations. The Pet Product News 2015 survey found that a majority of stores are now either owned or managed by women. Among new businesses (those open five years or less) the proportion owned or managed by women was even bigger. Are there headwinds? Of course, but even those were not enough to dent the overall optimism. The biggest threat to business was the economy, although only half of businesses listed that as a major concern. The second biggest threat was competition from online vendors—but most stores say their customers trust them for advice and education, something big online vendors cannot compete with. For the same reason, even though the majority of independent pet retailers have a Big-Box competitor with two miles, most retailers don’t feel that hurts their sales. Looking into the future, live animals sales are playing a smaller part. Only 24 percent of stores now sell live animals, and among new businesses the figure is smaller. Just five years ago that was more than 40 percent.