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Questions about Pets to Ask Domestic Violence Victims Calling the Hotline or During Intake
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The Pet Help Hotline addresses behavioral problems and solutions, moving or relocating questions and solutions to landlord/tenant pet rental agreements, assistance with helping people temporarily foster stray pets until adoption, alternatives to de-clawing, allergy control options, help with a stray or orphaned dog or cat, feral cat trap/neuter/return, information on finding a lost pet, introducing pets and children, and many other pet-related issues.
Learn more about the Pet Loss Support Hotline. Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Loss. Here are some of the common questions we see about pet loss.
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[We are so sorry for your loss. This is a hard question. The best answer in my opinion is to have someone come in and take care of the bird while you are gone that the bird already knows and likes. Pet shops can be hectic and if they haveanimals other than birds can be very stressful. A bird only pet shop is another alternative. Whatever you decide you should only leave the bird for a day or so at first. Then longer and longer building to the two week maximum. This way thebird learns he is not being abandoned and gets the idea this is temporary. I think you should spend time mourning the loss of your Lovey before getting another bird. The children need to recognize the loss and the pain and not get the ideathat you just buy another bird. --Bird HotLine](3242) Pet Helpline Representatives are unable to give medical advice regarding your pet
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