Pet ratty on a leash. Via Twitter.

Pet Rat Mouse Hamster Bird Ferret Adjustable Harness Lead Leash Collar Rope Bell | eBay
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i was wondering if any of u guys had a pic of this harness: Super Pet Stretch Stroller Harness & Leash
on a rat, do any of you own one? i have one but am not sure where to put the first clasp. heres a pic of the harness

XidaJe Pet Rat Mouse Hamster Bird Ferret Adjustable Harness Lead Leash Collar Rope
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My Rosie rat enjoys going outside on her leash so she can bound across the grass. Naturally, as soon as I brought the camera out she decided she was too tired to play. Hopefully I can capture her energy and excitement next time. She likes to change directions randomly which is why it looks like I'm tripping over her.

The leash I bought is a Living World hamster harness. I bought it from a local petshop but you can see the packaging in this link: If you google it, you can see it's sold in online stores in many countries. Pet Rat Mouse Harness Rope Hamster Squirrel Lead Leash Band Finder Bell
Photo provided by FlickrPet Rat Mouse Harness flexible Rope Ferret Hamster Finder Bell Leash Lead
Photo provided by FlickrPet Rat Mouse Hamster Bird Ferret Adjustable Harness Lead Leash Collar Rope Bell | eBay
Photo provided by Flickr
Can you imagine the thought of a pet rat stuck behind the fridge and not able to get out, or being electrocuted? That's why I think the leash is the lesser of evils. However, I would be very, very careful if you want to walk your rats on a leash outdoors (I wouldn't recommend it at all!). Rats can get very scared and slip out of the leash very, very easily!So you may choose, or you may think about, whether it’s possible to harness train or leash train your pet rat. In general, this is not something that is commonly done. This is not something that people should think along the lines of the way you would train your dog. To put a leash and harness on them and expect them to maybe walk in the street, or walk outside, this is not commonly done, and is not recommended. I have two female pet rats and I think it will be super cute to take them for walks around the neighborhood using a leash or harness. Which one would be best?For a price of $7.28 and free shipping for orders of over $25 you cannot ask for a better deal. The Kaytee Comfort Harness & Stretchy Leash comes with adjustable Velcro straps of 5- to 7-inches around the neck and waist size of between 7- and 9-inches. The leash is built to encourage exercise and thus your pet will always be in good health. It also has some safety features that protect the pet from being injured. It is a 4-feet leash that can be used on small animals, rats and ferrets.Depending on the type of small animal you have, there may be harnesses available for your pet. For example, ferrets, rabbits, and I believe guinea pigs have harnesses made for them, however if you have a smaller pet (Like my rats) or even for the above mentioned, you may want to invest in a figure eight leash.Humanity has embraced pet keeping as a way of having companions at home and during those joyful strolls they love having. To ensure that you are giving your pet the best “companionship treatment”, you need to take time and figure out which harnesses best suits your pet. Rats in particular are very slippery and will need to be kept in sight throughout their lifetime. Get the best leash in the market and your work is halfway done.