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20 Supplies for Pet Rat Care, Rat Cages, and Health That Every Breeder and Owner Needs
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I'm not able to purchase my products at wholesale prices. I buy at retail just like you, therefore it may cost more to buy these from me than you could get somewhere else. I'm just offering these as a convenience to my customers. When products are purchased it helps to support my efforts of running a quality rattery and supplying quality pets. I greatly appreciate my customers support of my efforts, thank you so much!
A good pet rat cage should supply lots of space, levels, toys, entertainment, and hideaways.
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Whether it is a double unit or single unit, the critter nation has so much to offer pet rats. It has unbelievable amounts of floor space, super safe pans that don’t hurt little paws, and massive doors that make playtime easy. However, the cage looks super plain if you’re not sure about how to decorate it! We’re going to talk about several critter nation supplies and accessories that will come in handy for any rat owner. 20 Supplies for Pet Rat Care, Rat Cages, and Health That Every Breeder and Owner Needs | PetHelpful
Photo provided by Flickr20 Supplies for Pet Rat Care, Rat Cages, and Health That Every Breeder and Owner Needs | PetHelpful
Photo provided by FlickrFuzzies Kingdom is Home of Super Premium Rabbit, Chinchilla, Guinea Pig, Pet Rat, Feret, Sugar Glider, Degu Supplies!
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Please note: All the items I'm offering are based on things that have worked well for me in the eight years I've been breeding and raising pet rats. I'm offering them to be helpful. I realize that the breeding of any animal can be very political in what some would consider best practices and some of my viewpoints may differ from others and my results may differ as well, based on proper use of items I've recommended. Any good process can become a not so good one if abused.

There is new research and findings being updated daily on almost every subject imaginable. It would be exhausting attempting to keep up with everything. My sole purpose for doing this is to promote pet rats as wonderful human companion animals and provide healthy and friendly pets to the general public so they don't have to get them from Petsmart or feeder bins.

I run my rattery based on information I've gained from the Rat Health Care by Debbie "The Rat Lady" Ducommun. If my views differ from yours and you have a concern with, or how, I'm doing something, please supply me with links to creditable information that supports your points of view, in a polite and courteous manner and I will look into your perspective. Thank you. Pet rats have been around for hundreds of years, and we have watched as the research and developing studies have revealed the that is necessary to ensure a long and happy life for our pet rats. Pet rat health depends on a variety of factors; from your pet rat's diet and the toys in your rat cage, to your supplements and vitamins for the rats and their veterinarian. The big question is: do you have what it takes to be a good pet rat owner?We have everything you need to help you get ready for your new pet! From food to bedding and carriers and crates, A.W. Brown's has you covered. Download a checklist to see what types of supplies you will need, and come on in and let our knowledgeable staff help you choose the essentials for your new addition!If your rats are not getting the right foods, they will not be healthy. Just like humans, pet rats need a balanced rat diet that will give them all of the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that their growing bodies need. The most reliable staple food we can give them is a rat lab block formula. This needs to be supplemented with fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats. Yes! Even meats! Rats are omnivores, and need a steady supply of protein in their diets. The formula to the right is a very common choice for experienced rat owners.