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NATURE'S MIRACLE™ Pet Block Repellent Pet Spray at PetSmart. Shop all dog deterrents online.
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ore and more pet owners are looking for the best dog repellent spray to aid in correcting bad behavior in their canine companions. It's a simple and humane way to keep your dog from jumping on furniture, chewing your belongings or discipline your pet when he's being naughty.
StayAway pet repellent:
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Only therapeutic grade essential oils should be used for repelling ticks and fleas. Any other form can contain ingredients that are harmful to your pet. StayAway pet repellent:
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Photo provided by FlickrThere's no need to buy expensive pet repellents -- you can make your own at home
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Dogs are known as man's best friend, but sometimes you need to keep them out of certain places around the home or yard. Many dog repellents available at pet stores such as electronic and ultrasonic pet repellents, but these can be pricey. Depending on your dog, preferences, and budget, you may opt for a much cheaper homemade repellent that can be just as effective pet-store items.If nothing else seems to work and you need something heavy-duty, you may have to resort to vinegar. Vinegar is another cheap and common household item that will be effective as a dog repellent. The downside is that although its potent smell will deter your dog from certain areas, it will probably deter you as well. It also cannot be poured directly onto your garden because it will kill your plants. On the positive side, it doubles as a pet odor remover.Of course, there are also over-the-counter repellents that can be purchased at drugstores and pet shops, if these aforementioned natural remedies don’t solve the problem. But you should always try these homemade fixes first. Not only are they natural, but they’re also less expensive than having to spend money for something you might already have in your kitchen cabinet or refrigerator at home.Use the citronella mix as a safe repellent for other dogs when you are out walking your pet. If another dog shows aggression, a squirt from the spray bottle aimed at any part of the dog is likely to repel it. Try to avoid the dog's face unless the situation is serious, as it may sting the eyes.Scram for Dogs is a blend of plant-based aromatic oils and other all-natural ingredients designed to warn dogs to stay away from areas treated with this repellent. This product is made of small granules which you shake around the area to be protected. This is an organic product, making it safe for children, the environment, pets, and other animals.Has your home become the "go to" place for all the strays in the neighborhood? Or is your own doggie suddenly marking his territory all over the house and yard? There's no need to buy expensive pet repellents -- you can make your own at home.