Pet Rescue island level 4 (47), 9th January 2016

Pet Rescue Saga Level 47 iPad +20000
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In Pet Rescue Saga Level 47 use line blasters for the rows with caged animals to free them. Then release another one to eliminate a row of steel containers under the animals. After this, try to charge the booster by clearing groups of blocks.
Pet Rescue island level 7 (47), 9th January 2016
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Pet Rescue Saga level 47 has some interesting features you’ll notice right away. There’s a whole column down the left hand side that is full of balloons and those springs that clear a row (“row blasters” the game calls them). You might be tempted to just use all these up right from the start to save some pain in the early going, but this is actually intended to be used strategically! Pet Rescue saga - Livello level 47 - By Luca PayneVisit Fanpage
Photo provided by FlickrPet Rescue Saga Ep 47 (673-687)
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These Pet Rescue level 47 cheats and tips will help you beat level 47 of Pet Rescue. The objective of Pet Rescue level 47 is to save 6 pets and score 20,000 points. The level is set up with columns of springs and balloons separate from the rest of the board where the pets are. […] Pet Rescue Saga level 47 can appear intimidating, but it’s not a particularly hard level to clear. As long as you properly manage your row blasters and balloons, you’ll get through it in no time! In our Pet Rescue Saga level 47 guide, we’ll share the tips and tricks you need to pass Pet Rescue Saga level 47 and move on with your pet rescuing!Are you more of a visual learner? Watch this gameplay video for Pet Rescue level 47 to help you beat the level. Notice the different strategies this player uses to improve your Pet Rescue Saga game.You don’t have access to your rocket on Pet Rescue Saga level 47, so these springs need to be used to clear out the metal boxes that are blocking your pets from reaching the bottom of the screen. The intent of the balloons is to let you adjust where the springs are for maximum box clearing power! In Pet Rescue Level 47, your best strategy is to use the line blaster boosters as these will help you to get to the pets you need to rescue by blasting the metal boxes. The rocket should also be used to clear lots of blocks at the same time and in the column with the key. The 2 x blocks are a good way to pick up as many points as possible. The rockets can be used to release the bombs, which will in turn, allow the pets to be released by breaking through the metal boxes.Level 47 can be quite challenging because of the presence of metal boxes. Furthermore, some of your pets might even be sitting on top of these metal boxes, hence making it difficult for you to save them.If you can get the hang of the balloons and how to use them to adjust the springs, clearing Pet Rescue Saga level 47 is a cinch. It may take a few tries to get the blocks in just the right pattern, but if you’re focused on clearing the metal blocks you’ll be through in no time flat!A walkthrough for level 47 of Pet Rescue saga


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