Tucson's first no-kill animal shelter for dogs and cats.

SaddleBrooke Pet Rescue Network63457 E. Squash Blossom Lane Tucson AZ 85739
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Bonnie Kay, resting up with a foot injury, gets a friendly shoulder rub from volunteer Mike Willman at AWASA’s animal welfare clinic in South Tucson for local pet owners.
We partner with Tucson’s local rescue organizations to align loving pets with caring families.
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As Tucson's only multi-rescue group fundraiser, ... SaddleBrooke Pet Rescue Network 63457 E. Squash Blossom Lane Tucson AZ 85739 . We are their voices ... The group is raising funds for to help pay Tucson pet rescue groups' vet bills
Photo provided by FlickrThe group is raising funds for to help pay Tucson pet rescue groups' vet bills
Photo provided by FlickrPima Animal Care Center is hosting a free pet adoption event at five PetSmart stores in Tucson as part of a nationwide animal-welfare charity.
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Sanctuary Project has been operating in the Southwest since 2011. Their main areas of operation are in Tucson, Phoenix, and Los Angeles. Sanctuary Project is a no-kill, anti-BSL, shelter group. At any given time TSP has 30 animals in foster care and ready to be adopted out. They will take in all dogs, regardless of breed and they now are re-homing cats, rabbits, and horses. They want you to know that they operate at no cost for administrative support and 100% of money donated goes to the animals needs. TSP also has helped open a retail and rescue space in Pet Doctor. The Sanctuary Project is assisted by the TSP Avengers, a student organization that volunteers at TSP events . For more info check out our Facebook page!Smiling Dog Rescue has operated as a 501(c)(3) in Tucson and the greater Southwest since 2007. Over the course of that time SDR has helped to rehabilitate and re-home over 2,600 Pitbull and “Bully” type breeds. Their efforts are nationally recognized as being a top group at helping these breeds find belonging. We are proud to sport their mascot “buzz” in our lobby. SDR has been a longtime advocate for these dogs and Pet Doctor is proud to stand behind them in their efforts. Go check out their website to learn a little about the history of the breeds and what you can do to get involved.For over 10 years Save the Pets has helped establish a network of care for orphaned animals while also working to reunite lost pets with their owners. Their re-homing services have saved countless pets from euthanasia at animal shelters. They are a 501(c)(3) charity that has been able to maintain through all these years by keeping a low overhead and continuously campaigning for donations. Pet Doctor has partnered with STP because of their status in the rescue community as one of the best and most hardworking shelters out there. It is our pleasure to be able to assist this rescue and hope they continue to gain support here in Tucson. With all the in Tucson, you can find everything you need to take the very best care of your new furry friend. offers full-service bathing and grooming or self-service bathing for your dog. For a well-behaved dog, there are many including , , and . If you are looking for grooming, pet stores, pet sitting, or other doggie businesses, you have many options in Tucson. For more ideas on things to do with your dog in the Tucson area, visit the on .Tucson 2 Tails has been around for only 4 years but has quickly become an active member of the feline rescue community. Check out their website, in the education section there is a fantastic assortment of information on feline related topics. Pet Doctor thanks Tucson 2 Tails for their continued support, commitment to educate the public about orphaned felines, and the general health and wellbeing for our city.As our mission is to rescue dogs from a shelter-administered death sentence, we are not typically able to accept owner-surrenders or strays. We are not a shelter – we are a rescue dependent upon foster homes to save lives. Our dream is to someday live in a society where surrendering your pet to a shelter is a last resort. We focus our rescue efforts on saving the forgotten and the unloved, but we also hope to provide public outreach and guidance aimed towards helping people to keep the animals already within their care. We go to the ends of the earth for our animals – our fur family members – sometimes at great personal cost, and expect that you will do the same for the dogs within your care. There are many excellent local resources for crisis situations in Tucson, that can be found on the . We also invite you to post questions, concerns and fundraisers on our Facebook group “” and we will support you as much as possible.