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This is my albino woodlouse / sow bug / pill bug / roly poly / pill millipede / isopod / isopode. I am keeping it as a pet for a short while. BTW HOW MANY DIFFERENT NAMES FOR THESE GUYS ARE THERE??
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Ball Pets™ Are The Roly-Poly Plush Balls With A Secret Surprise Friend Inside!
Catch ‘em, Toss ‘em and Roll ‘em! Opens to a Full Size Pet! Available In Stores Now! 30 Live Roly Polys - Educational & Fun! Pocket Pet For The Roly Poly Playground
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Roly-poly Pet Cat Actinidia Polygama Tree Skin Kitten Love Tumbler. Based on professional research, cats that like the Actinidia Polygama tree skin smell have no diabetes as it calms blood pressure. Helps cats relax and keep their appetite.As a kid, you probably kept a cute little roly-poly (pillbug) as a pet. Now that you’re grown, the last thing you want to see is one tooling across your kitchen floor. Not cute. So out the door it goes! After all, bugs belong outside, right?You can now observe your pet rolys roaming "free" with no top or plastic to separate you and your new pets. Our new Roly Poly Farm has walls around the outside designed to keep the roly polys from escaping. There is an absorbent pad in the center of the farm to provide the Roly Poly's with moisture and food. Chia seeds are sprinkled on top of the pad to grow and provide nutritious food for your colony. Comes with voucher for 10 fast growing Roly Polies.
Godswar Online Pet - Roly Poly

Skill: Lifedrain - Increase Life Absorption

I 90 - 241
II 241 - 303
III 303 - 381
IV 381 - 475
V 475 - 581
VI 581 - 670Hello, my name is Roly Poly! I have cerebella hypoplasia. This is a non-progressive disease, so it will never get worse and doesn't affect my health at all! It just makes me a bit unsteady. I was found outside with my three other sisters. I was the first to be found! Sadly, only me and my sister, Prim, made it. We stay in a home with a one eyed cat who loves bathing me and calming me down when I get too excited. If you are looking for a shy kitten who maybe a bit unsteady on her feet and bobs her head when she is excited, but who will also purr the second you pet her, look no further!Meet Roly Poly! Sheis one of 'The Bug Puppies' and was born on March 12th. Her mom is a Brindle Boxer Beagle mix. Dad is unknown but appears to be a Shar Pei mix. She will be available for adoption May 11th. You can visit 'The Bug Puppies' at Petsmart in Arnold on May 11th from 11 am until 6 pm.At one point, the kids happened upon one HUGE roly-poly and were all very fascinated by it. They were taking turns holding it and inspecting it of course. Somehow, it was later given to Ella to “have” and before I knew it she was begging for me to let her take it home and take care of it. After I tried to convince her that the lil bug would be better off in its own habitat, rather than with us, I gave into the pleading as well as all the other girls encouraging this wonder of a pet. Her friends were very helpful in telling Ella how she should take care of it and what to feed it.I’d love to believe the accused has been exonerated but can claim only that innocence is a possibility. My little buddy is a quiet, unassuming guy. He doesn’t spread diseases or damage wood or structure and can alert homeowners to dampness. He’s even a good, albeit short term, pet. A roly poly farm in a terrarium has cheap livestock, ye haw! The farm requires moisture, limited light and little upkeep. Feeding is like making a tiny compost pile of over ripe fruit and veggies, decayed grass and bits of cardboard. Fresh lettuce and bits of apples are appreciated by the inhabitants who can entertain children without requiring technology, refreshing in our techno-centered culture. As for me, I’ll let doodlebugs do as they like outdoors, though I‘m still literally tickled to pick one up and let him run over my skin. Doodlebug, roly poly, long may you roll!