Causes of excessive pet shedding include:

Is your pet a heavy shedder? Do you have any “anti-shedding tips” for the rest of our clients?
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My Dash, a black lab, is so guilty of leaving fur tumbleweeds….daily! Oh, and the beige (black) carpet!!! If my mother drops by before I get a chance to vacuum it, she gasps “Oh, your carpet is ruined!” lol We are Furminators!!! We could spend an entire day combing and the hair would keep coming…..and you would never notice one hair missing from his body!!! Our beagle/blue heeler mix, Duke, is just one year old and has just started shedding…… mostly his white hairs so far.
Does your pet shed a lot? If so, can you share any secrets for keeping pet shedding to a minimum?
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The result is a vibrant, revitalized coat that’s soft, silky and resilient. Your pet will experience less shedding because skin will be healthier and hair shafts will be stronger. The refreshing white ginger and nectarine fragrance will leave your pet smelling great, too. Add to your pet care regimen and say goodbye to the lint brush! Here are theNew Hampshire SPCA’s top five pet-shedding prevention hacks:
Photo provided by FlickrIn addition to a good grooming routine, here are a few ways to help control your pet's shedding.
Photo provided by FlickrOh boy with 7 pets there is ALOT of shedding in my house!
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Taking proper care of our pet’s coat is important to prevent excessive shedding. We love our pets, but most of us can’t stand having pet hair all over the house. Depending on what breed of cat or dog you own, you may need to vacuum daily to keep your carpet, couches and other surfaces free of pet hair. The good news is that there are ways to lessen pet shedding. Before providing tips on how to reduce pet shedding, we want to help you understand why this process happens in the first place (hint: it’s not just to drive you nuts!).Dogs and cats shed in order to lose their old or damaged hair. This process releases the dead hair from the follicle in order to allow new hair to grow. While all pets shed to some degree, some shed more than others. The amount and frequency of shedding is determined by several factors, such as the specific breed of cat or dog, the time of the year, and possible health problems.We love our Swiffer Vac! It picks up dirt and debris but also catches remaining allergens, pet hair and dander with its Swiffer Pad. Brilliant! Great tricks to keep pet hair shedding at bay! Lots of dog shedding home remedies.Your pet’s can be another culprit of excessive hair shedding, as poor nutrition, health issues and stress contribute to hair loss. They may shed for a variety of , including parasites, pregnancy, cancer, immune disease, sunburn and bacterial infections.In addition to breed, the time of the year may affect the amount of shedding. Typically, pets grow a thicker coat in the winter to account for the colder weather, and shed that hair when warmer temperature ensues in the spring. However, pets that are mostly kept inside tend to shed the same throughout the year.1-800-PetMeds Shed Terminator Chews for Dogs is shed control in a yummy, convenient chew. Excessive shedding can be unhealthy, cause discomfort, and lead to skin problems. Shed Terminator is a unique blend of vitamins and minerals that helps to reduce or eliminate unnatural or unwanted shedding, and restore your pet's vibrant coat. Made in the USA.