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A massive snow storm hits Downtown City, trapping Blythe and the pets at Littlest Pet Shop.
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Lissa Shoun, owner of Andy's Pet Shop, stands next to the store's signature macaw sign while holding Osbourne, a 6-year-old chihuahua, who came from the Dog Spot Rescue in Vacaville, on Wednesday, Aug. 12, 2009. Andy's Pet Shop, a San Jose tradition, specializes in 100 percent rescue animals, which means that you adopt a pet, you don't buy one. (Karen T. Borchers/Mercury News)
Pet Shop Boys new album, , is out now:  Tweets marked  are content provided by Tennant/Lowe.
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Vinnie and Sunil entertain Mr. Von Fuzzlebutt, a new day camper, while Fisher tries to figure out the secret to Littlest Pet Shop's recent success. . review of Tuesday's  show "Pet Shop Boys stopfen frecher Beth Ditto das Maul"
Photo provided by Flickr. review PSB at : "Flamboyante soirée pop à Montreux avec Beth Ditto & les Pet Shop Boys"
Photo provided by FlickrVisit The Whole Pet Shop today and make your pets healthier and happier! Call us today!
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