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Ferrets are known for their hilarious and mischievous antics as well as their unusual sleeping schedule. These clever creatures require a pet parent that can dedicate time to socialize with them daily and maintain a Ferret-proofed environment in and out of their cage. Get prepared by visiting our pet care sheet, and then browse and shop for Ferret habitat and accessories for sale online and in store. �All Petco Ferrets have been spayed or neutered and have had their scent glands removed.
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Most young ferrets from pet shops and fur farms require distemper booster shots right away. Your new ferret will probably also need additional booster shots three to four weeks after you bring it home. If you get a ferret from a breeder or shelter, ask when the ferret’s next distemper shot is due. Some states and municipalities also require that ferrets get rabies shots. Your veterinarian should know if a rabies shot for ferrets is required in your area. If the ferret is an older animal from a breeder or shelter (more than 4 years old), consider having bloodwork done to check for potential problems, such as insulinoma. chic 3 Littlest Pet Shop Toys FERRET Boston Terrier Dog WHITE Striped TIGER LPS Lot 9
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Me and my partner (Doug) saw our first ferrets in a shop window.
I could not take my eyes of them; they were unlike anything I had ever seen before. I was well and truly under the ferret spell. After a very quick discussion with the pet shop lady I convinced Doug that this was the animal for us and we should bring it home that very day. hi…
with my other pets I have been advised NOT to buy them from a pet shop…what about with ferrets? can I buy them from a pet shop? whats the difference between getting one from pet shop than breeder…please give me your advice and personal experience…opinions…
Nick Toarmina :wavey:We are an exceptional independent pet store, family owned and operated for over 10 years. Monster Pets offers a full line of quality pets, pet foods and supplies. Our services include a full service grooming salon as well as a self-service doggy wash. We are honored to serve you and your pet, providing an alternative to the large chain pet stores while offering a great selection at competitive prices. Shop with us today at one of our three convenient locations: South Philly, Fairmount Park and Audubon, NJ.I got my ferret Demon from a pet shop and it was nice that he was descented and neutered when I got him. That is a positive about buying them there. The good thing with a breeder is that the ferrets tend to have a little more handling and that makes them a little less nippier when they are small and easier to train cuz they are already social. The next place I will be getting my ferret is from the ferret rescue in my area so check out that possibility also. They are descented and neutered at a rescue as well and they have been socialized too so it is a definate bonus. Remember that ferrets take alot of time and ferret proofing so make sure they are the pet for you before you get one!!I bought my two ferrets from Petco. I went to two different petco’s and a smaller family owned pet shop before I chose the one to buy from. I looked at thinks like how clean their cages where, what kind of bedding they used, how fresh their food and how full there water was, and what if any kinds of toys they had in the cages. One petco had a better and cleaner setup than the other. The staff where knowledgable and took a genuince interest in the ferrets under their care. They interacted with them on a regular basis. (this is where I chose to buy). The other petco was not so nice and the staff knew relatively nothing about their ferrets. Their conditions where borderline, but at least they had the setup right…proper bedding hammocks, and etc.
The small shop I went too had sawdust for bedding, no hammocks, no toys, and they where about $30 more expensive.Anyways, My friend had many ferrets. She bought her first one from a breeder, it was very agressive. She adopted her second one from F.I.R.S.T. (a ferret rescue society) he was a doll.
After he was gone, she bought 3 from Pet Stores only one of the 3 would bite alot and was a bit agressive. When i did my research i kinda of thought a breeder was best, But i talked to more and more Pet shops and they told me the Ferrets actually came from a place where they breed only Ferrets, NOT like a mill, all the animals where vet checked and they hired High school kids to handle and play with the young ferrets.
So i think wether you go with a breeder or a pet shop, do your research and ask questions on WHERE the animals came from, and how they were handled, if they were.