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Pet Shop Boys performed
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In October 2008, Pet Shop Boys released the single "I'm in Love with a German Film Star" featuring famous British photographer on vocals. This single was made for her exhibition in London and it was released by Kompakt records in Germany, on both CD and 7" and 12" vinyl. The most notable remixes were by Gui Boratto, Juergen Paape and , who also made a special mix in 5.1 surround.
On 27 June 2012, Pet Shop Boys performed three songs before the Olympic tennis games in Henman Hill, Wimbledon:
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During this time, Pet Shop Boys began to work with playwright on a stage musical project. In 1999, many of the tracks recorded ended up on the duo's seventh studio album, , which included the Top 20 singles "" and "", the Top 10 hit "", ""—which would later become the title of Pet Shop Boys' musical—as well a duet with , "", about a father coming out to his daughter. Minogue later performed the track live, during her 2005 tour, singing to a pre-recorded Neil Tennant. This is not the first time that Pet Shop Boys have worked with Minogue: in 1994, they indeed wrote a song for inclusion on her eponymous album, called "", which was based on an unreleased remix of "" with new lyrics by Tennant; however, Minogue and her record company did not like the production sound of Pet Shop Boys' demo and asked to finally produce the track. On 1 November 2010, Pet Shop Boys released , a single CD greatest hits album. This was preceded by the single
Photo provided by FlickrAs of 2003, Pet Shop Boys were ranked by   (in his book ) as the fourth most successful act on the U.S.  charts, behind only ,  and .
Photo provided by FlickrMichigan pet shops selling mammals that are not livestock or rodents are required to comply with Public Act 287.
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