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We are Louisville, Kentucky's oldest pet shop since 1957 and with our extensive variety of livestock inventory, you'll see why. We are the exotic pet shop with an extensive reptile and arachnid collection. In our aquatics department, we have freshwater tropical fish, marine fish, and live corals for reef aquaria. In our avian department, our baby Zebra Finches are bred right here at our store and we always have baby Parakeets. We even have locally bred puppies and kittens to choose from!
If you are looking to purchase a new pet for your home, look no further than our unique and exotic reptiles here at Herp Hobby Shop.
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A is one of the few pets that needs a specialized environment to live in. You can’t just bring one home without knowing the type of reptile you have or the living conditions that need to be met in order for it to survive. At the Pet Shop, we can help you give your special scaly friend the home they deserve. Here are a few factors to consider before you decide to pick up your brand-new pet and its terrarium. A Hall County pet shop owner says thieves have hit his store twice in recent weeks, and are likely selling reptiles on the black market.
Photo provided by FlickrAn exotic pet store in Livonia is turning to the public for tips to find reptiles that store owners say were stolen from the shop this week.
Photo provided by FlickrIf you are looking to purchase a new pet for your home, look no further than our unique and exotic reptiles here at Herp Hobby Shop.
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If you’re looking for a good old-fashioned, family owned and operated pet store, look no further than Animal Atlanta in Woodstock. This shop has been in business for 22 years and the owners really know their stuff. In fact, Animal Atlanta is so popular that local celebrities and sports stars shop shop at Animal Atlanta for their own pet needs. The store not only sells cats, dogs, fish and birds, but also a wide selection of reptiles and amphibians, including frogs, crabs, Chinese water dragons, newts, salamanders, skinks, iguanas and more. If the furless pet is your choice, then a trip to Animal Atlanta is worth your time.Don’t let the name fool you, this little shop is packed with all the essential supplies to ensure your exotic pal has a happy home. It carries a wide range of products from the top names in reptiles including Esu, Flukers, Four Paws, Repcal, Superpet, Tetra, TFH, T-rex, Wardley’s, Zilla and Zoomed. Its convenient hours and location make it easy to maintain your exotic’s environment. Its staff boasts more than 100 years of combined experience, perfect for new reptile owners in search of advice for keeping cold blooded beasts healthy in New York.For professionals in the wide world of exotics, Atlanta Exotic Pets promises a great variety of reptiles and arachnids. Expect pet owners who understand reptilian needs from how to set up a frog’s terrarium to what exactly you’re supposed to feed a uromastyx. This shop also boasts an array of supplies for any reptile, and a solid series of books and magazines just for reptile lovers. Come here for ball pythons and other snakes, lizards, uromastyx, frogs and turtles.Our Tucson Reptile Shop is working to become one of the best destination reptile shops in Tucson. We hope to have a reptile shop that is more like a living museum rather than a "pet shop". So do keep checking us out and watch us evolve!Reptile Pet Shops knows your business is
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Whether you are a seasoned reptile owner or one that is new to the ectothermic tendencies of reptiles, there are quality pet shops that will lead you through the nuances of owning reptiles. Be sure to choose a place that handles supplies, selection, food, enclosures, all at an affordable price.