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Members of the city’s Personnel & Animal Welfare Committee voted to update zoning rules regulating pet shops, tweaking the language to allow shops with four or more dogs that stay overnight in the store to be allowed in commercial neighborhoods.
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Instead, they said, such shops could offer up rescued pets from humane groups or city shelters, sparing them from being put to death if they weren't adopted. Banning pets from commercial breeders was meant to encourage the rise of centers such as Petopia Animal Rescue, a nonprofit-run shop that tries to coax shoppers to take home a feline friend from its storefront in a Woodland Hills mall. The Best Pet Stores in Los Angeles on Yelp
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Three years ago, Los Angeles lawmakers decided to ban pet shops from selling commercially bred dogs, cats and rabbits, arguing that such sales only added to the number of stray animals citywide.Attorney Robert P. Silverstein, who went up against the city in the Hollywood planning cases, was not involved in the lawsuit over the pet shops. But Silverstein said the legal saga over shops like Petopia reflects a broader weakness in how city government operates — that "often the city gets in trouble because it ignores the law to reach a desired result."Now at least two rescue centers, including Petopia, say they are struggling to find suitable space in Los Angeles. Unless they get special permission to operate in commercial zones—a process that city officials say can be long and costly—the only places they can seek space in Los Angeles are in industrial areas dotted with recycling centers and tire shops.L.A. leaders passed another law to change the definition of "kennel," but altered only part of the city code, not the zoning code. Paul Michael Neuman, a spokesman for City Councilman Paul Koretz, said city lawyers didn't alter the zoning code because that would have involved a longer and more elaborate process. Instead, a city zoning official issued an "interpretation" that pet shops that followed the new rules wouldn't be classified as kennels. That allowed stores like Petopia to do business in commercial zones without getting the special permit.But the new law complicated the matter because pet shops were now supposed to provide rescue animals, whether they were puppies and kittens or fully grown pets. If they kept at least four grown animals overnight, they would fall under the same rules as kennels — a fact that one rescue group eyeing a commercial storefront in L.A. pointed out to city officials, questioning whether it would have to get the special permit.As everyone who either or lives in Los Angeles already knows, we are an extremely pet-friendly metropolis; from the many mountains and to the numerous , there is no shortage of fun for you and your furry friend. Whatever activity unfolds for you and your pet, it pays to be prepared. There are hundreds of pet stores in LA, but finding one that will fit your dog’s exact needs can be a daunting task. (We say dog because most of these shops cater to Fido over Fluffy, though there are cat accoutrements to be found as well.) We and our four-legged research assistants found eight shops that stand out from the rest in terms of variety, atmosphere and customer service. Read on and pamper your pets!