Rinse Ace® 3-Way Pet Shower Sprayer

Rinse Ace® Deluxe Pet Shower Sprayer
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I use the MIU PET Multi-Functional Pet Shower in there, and I leave it hooked up to the shower head all the time. It's easier than taking it on and off every time I need to bathe one of our dogs. You can attach this device to a kitchen sink (if you have a small breed) or to your hose hookup outside. We'll use it outside this summer, but since we live in Maine and it's January we bathe our dogs inside this time of year.
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Back when we had a dog we did use a handheld shower head to bathe him and it made life so much easier… however, these sound like they have so many more features! I love the idea of being able to stop/pause the water and the JW Pet Shower Massager sounds pretty darn luxurious! 36" Utility Shower / Pet Shower - Center drain
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It can be filled with warm water with from your sink with the Hot Water Adapter accessory, which is an absolute necessity for apartment dwelling dog owners that don’t have access to a hose spigot. Weighing just 9 pounds when empty and 22 pounds when full, the RinseKit® can easily be stored in your car for spur of the moment outings and unexpected doggy uh-ohs. When it comes to the best portable shower system for your dog and pets, RinseKit® comes to the rescue by saving you time, water and headaches.Bathing a dog at home is easier than ever with a Rinse Ace® Brand dog shower and dog washing accessories. Whether the dog bath takes place in a sink, tub, shower or outdoors, rinsing away dirt and suds is quick with any of the Rinse Ace pet sprayers. Multiple types of sprayers to choose from, to make dog washing easy and simple, are available.We need this Thomas. Of course the first thing you'll say is...."You better hope it doesn't clog the drain. How're you gonna prevent that?" Am i right T.O.??????? Dog shower. I think anyone with a pet would want one of these.3 Way Pet Shower solves the "how to wash a dog - super easy" question. Hook up the 3-Way Pet Shower Sprayer's 8-foot hose to your shower and wash your dog fast. This product has a 3-setting sprayer for complete control over water flow and spray intensity.Indoor/Outdoor Pet Faucet Sprayer, now bath time is a snap! Use the same sprayer your dog is used to indoors and outdoors. Snap the quick connect hose to the special one time install aerator on your faucet and your dog shower is ready. Great for small dogs in the sink or laundry tub.A dog wash is simple with the Pet Shower Deluxe. Keep your home and best friend clean. Rinse away muddy paws or wash the whole dog in a few minutes. On/Off Sprayer with locking clip allows for easy dog washing.The Rinse Ace Pet Faucet Sprayer is perfect for giving a small dog a bath. Snap the 8-ft removable hose to the special one-time install aerator on your faucet and the dog shower is ready. Wash the dog outdoors with the same sprayer for comfort. 3-Setting sprayer for all the different messes your best friend can get into.How it works
Install the shower connector once in between your showerhead and showerarm. Snap in the quick-connect detachable 8" hose and you are ready for the dog wash. The luxurious spray thoroughly rinses your pet's coat clean - even underneath. The on/off sprayer with easy-lock clip lets you control water flow and keeps your hands free.