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Pet sitting prices vary depending on several factors, including the following:
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If you are having someone house sit/pet sit don't try to get them to clean your house while they're there. It's reasonable to expect them to leave the house the way they found it. Sometimes even providing a well stocked fridge is a great tradeoff and can lower your pet sitting price a little--especially if they happen to love your dogs or your pets! Just don't try to get them to mow the lawn or wash the car unless you've worked this all out with them ahead of time and it's part of the "package."
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– Payment in full is required prior to the first pet sitting/dog walking date for new clients or at the time of the consultation prior to the visit unless other arrangements are made between The Pet Sitter and client. Full payment by credit card through our encrypted server is due on or prior to the initial pet sitting visit.
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Photo provided by FlickrMany pet owners choose private pet sitters over animal boarding kennels when facing an extended vacation or business trip.
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With the price of gas for regular unleaded increasing daily, regretfully it has become necessary for us to charge a fuel surcharge. The surcharge will be passed along directly to our pet sitters to help them with the burden of high fuel costs. I devised our rates with the following costs in mind:So you’ve decided to hire a professional dog walker or pet sitter but are unsure what a reasonable rate is for their services. Just doing a quick internet search for pet care in your area, you will see that rates vary quite a bit between pet care providers. There are many factors that account for this range in price. Most pet care professionals charge based on the time spent visiting your pet and/or the type of service provided. There may be additional fees for more than one pet and some may even take into consideration the size and weight of your dog. Also if your pet has any special medical needs, that require pills or shots, there may be additional charges.Pet Sitting services are for when you will be out of town and need us to care for your pets while you are away. We can come to your house up to 5 visits per day. Each visit is approximately 45 minutes. Pricing is based on a per visit basis. The average cost for a pet sitter is $. You are likely to spend between $ and $ total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details. The price you pay for a dog walker or pet sitter should not only depend on the actual service and amount of time needed to ensure proper care of your pet but should also be determined by the amount of experience and qualifications they have as well as references and online reviews. Here are some general price guidelines for hiring a dog walker or pet sitter in Los Angeles.The sitter will come to your home and stay overnight with your pet anywhere from 10 hours to 14 hours. Normally this service will include all care required and a short morning and evening walk for your dog but some pet sitters may opt to add on an exercise fee. The price range for overnight care widely varies in Los Angeles and can range from $50-$120 per night. Also if your pet requires a midday visit, some pet care providers may charge a regular dog walking or pet sitting fee to make the additional trip.