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Dec 19, 2010 - PetsMart needs to review their entire dog grooming policies and procedures
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Turns out they used Herbal Essences Color Brightening shampoo! They are a Pet Store - do they not have access to several brands of dog shampoos that may be better for the skin??? & actually whiten?? I had this service done in Alberta, Canada but from the look of the other reviews - this is common throughout their stores. I also read a review from an employee that said, Petsmart wants groomers to upsell - so that's why the extra charge for Brush/Demat, I'm guessing. If you're going to shave him down to the skin - I don't think this is necessary. And honestly, I did notice my dog has been a bit more "clingy" since being home. Maybe nothing but maybe something???
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When Lulu was about 6 months old, we took him to a PetsMart in my hometown to get his first “real” haircut. Previously, I had been grooming him at home without any issues—I was able to cut his nails, brush his hair, cut his hair on his entire body on face.
His hair was getting long and he had some matting so we decided to take him to PetsMart to be groomed by a professional (). See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for Petsmart Grooming in Hermitage, TN.
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I feel so bad I didn't check reviews before taking my husky to PetSmart for grooming... The first experience was great, she looked great, was happy it felt fine. I wish I had remembered the groomer's name. The second time she got a bad yeast infection in her ear from the vet saying they probably didn't dry them well enough. The third time I had to pick her up about an hour after I could and as we were walking out she had diarrhea IN the store and outside right after grooming. I called the next day to see if they gave her a treat (which I ask them not too) or if they took her out. They said they definitely did not give her a treat and it's not typical for them to take the dogs out to relieve themselves that's why they give a pickup time. REALLY! Needless to say I will NEVER go back to PetSmart for grooming. I would rather pay more money for someone to care about my dog the way I do.Ugh. I am just SO frustrated. How can this be happening? PetsMart needs to review their entire dog grooming policies and procedures. There are simply too many dogs suffering because of this irresponsible company.9 June 2017: I made an appointment on June 8 to have my dog bathed at PETSMART GROOMING. I was asked at the time if my dog had rabies shots. I replied that she did and they were on file in The PetSmart Store where the grooming was located. She told me that was fine and that "SHE" would call them and get the information before I came. When I arrived for my appointment I was asked about the rabies shot and I told them what I had been told. I was told that "I" had to go and get the information. I told her what I had been told the previous day. I went into the store, waited in line at Banfield Vet Clinic and got the information. I've never been an animal person until Charlie Brown (he's called that bc it's the only name he answered to, ha!) came into my life. His previous owner threw this adorable 6mth old Morkie out of a car and luckily my friend saw this and rescued him. It happened on my birthday and when I heard of this, he had to be mine. So now I'm completely smitten. The thought of him being harmed absolutely terrifies me, so THANK YOU for sharing this. He loves where he's groomed, but I had considered Petsmart since it's cheaper. And now I never will. Again, thank you.