Jun 29, 2015 - Here are some foods your new pet squirrel will love

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This is the most idiotic conclusion I have ever read. Problem is, because you published this nonsense a lot of illegal pet squirrels no longer get to eat acorns. Has it occurred to you that the squabbles are over collection sites and dominance and not over your claim that it is the tannin? Where is your scientific proof to this claim? I can't even label this junk science because it isn't anything but a dumb conclusion you decided to publish on the internet.

Food aggression during high-stress times such as the urgent need to collect as much winter food as possible is normal behavior. If you give kids a bowl of M&Ms and leave the room, will they peacefully divide the loot? Or will the bigger boys take over and bully the others to have the chocolate all by themselves? By your rationale it should then be concluded that M&Ms are toxic to children. Same scenario, just different species with their respective favorite food.

I don't expect that you leave my comment on your blog and will therefore publish it on my own FB page so that at least some people who blindly believe anything they read because "it's on the internet!" will see it.

By your logic, we would have nothing but crazy squirrels running around in the trees. Good grief! Can you hear them laughing at you?

My credentials: 15 years rehabilitating wildlife, including hundreds of squirrels. Have collected and fed at least TEN THOUSAND POUNDS OF ACORNS with never any incidents other than normal food fights.
And, by the way, I RESEARCH the topics I discuss on my page before I put it in writing. Too bad you didn't do the same.
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Some people will read why it's illegal, wrong, unhealthy to keep a wild squirrel as a pet, but they will still break the law and do it. Most do it for fear that the squirrel they saved and raised will die because of cars, natural predators or lack of food. They will do it with proper information or without. I might as well give them some good information. I want to help those people at least know how to keep the squirrels as healthy and happy as they can be in and outside of a cage. If I do not provide this information, the squirrels will die painful deaths from malnutrition, they will self-mutilate from boredom, they will die of cage injuries, they will be miserable. I am helping them. Anyone who does not provide this information is condemning them to a painful death. Squirrel Food & Feed | That Pet Place
Photo provided by FlickrYou can buy specially designed squirrel food called rodent blocks at pet stores
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Dishware: You can get small stainless steel, thick ceramic or the super hard and tough plastic bowls. I find it neater if they clip to the cage bars. Squirrels are messy eaters and food will get everywhere no matter what. I also use a water bowl that attaches to the bars. You can find these in any small animal aisle at pet stores. You can use bird dishes as well. If your cage doesn't have a high pan you might want to have the newspaper go up three inches on the bottom sides so food doesn't end up all over your floor.wild gourds, fresh rosemary, fresh lavender, green pine cones, rose petal clippings. Every squirrel is different so experiment with the recommended foods and see what your squirrel prefers. Just try to give them a variety of things so they can get all their vitamins and minerals. One can feed her twice a day at 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. during a squirrel's normal feeding hours. One can give her one small animal bowl full of food. One can put one grape cut in half, one whole cherry, applesauce with her vitamins mixed in, a piece of raw corn on the cob...Some people take the cherry pits out, some peel the grapes, everyone has different ideas on feeding. Just don't put a peach, plum or apricot pit in there. Don't throw in an entire piece of fruit or whole ear of corn either. Vitamins: They sell mineral blocks and wheels for small animals. This is also good for their chewing. They also sell vitamin supplements made for small animals and birds in pet stores. Follow the instructions on the bottles, either liquid or powder. I use a powdered supplement which I mix with applesauce. My exotic vet gave me the vitamins. Squirrels need calcium for strong healthy bones. Cuttlebone, dog bones will provide some but be sure to augment their supply of Calcium with mineral blocks with Calcium and the powder supplements. You can crush up calcium tablets and sprinkle it on their food also. I also give them a little powdered Vionate which my vet gave me.Feeding a squirrel isn’t much more difficult than any other pet. My squirrel eats mostly rat food pellets, but I try to give him a variety of other foods as well. He loves pretty much any fruit: grapes, apples, oranges, berries, pears, bananas. I enjoy plenty of fruit as well so I usually share with my squirrel a slice of whatever I’m eating at the time. Squirrels should also eat their vegetables: lettuce, broccoli, carrots. Sadly, my squirrel is as picky as a human child when being forced to eat veggies. Squirrels also like nuts of course. If I see a deal at the super market for almonds, walnuts or any in-the-shell nut I will pick up a bag. Acorns you find on the ground are also good for feeding.