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 How Does The Black Light Pet Urine & Stain Detector Kit Solve Your Problem?
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WindFire® Pocket Size Waterproof 51 LED Handheld 395 nm UV Blacklight Flashlight / Ultraviolet Flashlight / Stain and Urine Detector Torch - Spot Pet Dog and Cat Urine, Counterfeit Money, Reveals Hidden Stain, Locate Dangerous Pests (No battery) ** Be sure to check out this awesome product.
Best UV Flashlight – Pet Detective LED Ultraviolet Blacklight Reveals Hidden Dog And Cat Urine Stains. The light is Solid, Powerful yet Small
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Plite Pet Stain Detector Black Light 12 LED UV Flashlight Locate Dry Cat and Dog Urine Stains Blacklight to Spot Clean and Remove Odors on Carpets Rugs Curtains Upholstery and Other Fabrics ** For more information, visit image link.(This is an Amazon affiliate link) PET STAIN & ODOR REMOVER By Using Black Lights You Can Detect Body Fluids From You Pets & Humans
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I know my dog had an accident in a bedroom, but I couldn't find where the stain was since it blended in to the carpet so well. A black lightbulb in a lamp allowed me to see where the stain was so I could make sure I was cleaning the right spot. You can buy a black lightbulb at just about any store like Lowe's or Fred Meyer for $4 or $5. Put it in a small lamp and hold it down close to the floor. Lighting the whole room might not make it bright enough to find the stain. The first photo shows what the stain looks like under black light. The second photo shows how difficult it is to see in regular light. The shadows caused by vacuuming one way or the other are darker than the actual stain. By from Manchester, WATo find an invisible biological stain, all that you need to do is wait until it is dark outside, or close off the room so that it is dark, and then turn off all of the lights in the room. Use a black light LED flashlight with at least 12 ultraviolet LEDs and shine it on the carpet and furniture. Any place where your pet has had an accident will stand out like glow-in-the-dark paint. From there you can use any number of pet stain removal products to remove the stain. If you need to neutralize the smell from the stain, try using household vinegar on the stained area, followed by a soap and water scrubbing.A black light flashlight, which is also called a UV or ultraviolet flashlight, can help find biological pet stains that otherwise cannot be seen. Both urine and vomit leave biological residues that glow when exposed to black light.The best ways to detect these stains is with an ultraviolet LED flashlight. Select a UV flashlight model with at least 14 LEDs. You can find these flashlights at pet stores, hardware stores and on eBay. Be careful when using an blacklight flashlight. Never allow children to play with them and never shine the light in your eyes or anyone else’ eyes. The ultraviolet light is much stronger than it appears and eye damage can result if the UV flashlight is not used properly.Fortunately, there is an easy way to detect areas where urine stains have occurred. Biological stains on carpet or furniture upholstery will glow under ultraviolet (UV) light, which is also known as blacklight or black light. This phenomenon is known as fluorescence.Any stain that appears bright white is typically another substance such as a carpet cleaner or a spilled drink. The residue from these substances fluoresces brightly under a blacklight.