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An independently owned pet store in Fairport, NY that carries Fromm Family Pet Food.
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Find parking easily in one of their many available spaces. For a pet store that gives you more for your buck, you'll want to head to ABC Pet City in Fairport today.
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2013-03-16 13:15:47 To all you people who seem to just know for sure that the dogs at pet world cme from mills, please explain exactly how you know this for sure? What hard faq's do you have to prove these statments? Probibly none! You are intitled to your opinions sure, but to say something you really don't know 100% for sure is just childish lol now your just trying to make pet world look bad maybe cuz you didn't get your way or your just an over sensitive person and to relax and worry about something more important. PET WORLD is one of the best stores iv ever walked into and the staff is ALWAYS nice and palite! IF they have ever seemed to be rude its more than likely the customers falt honestly, I know people say "the customer is always right" ya...BS on that, the customer does not work there and does not know the inner workings of pet world so what ever anyones negitiv opinion is on this place is actually not valid at all, its just that....a negitiv opinion....that's all.....if you are trying to have people not shop at pet world cuz no one rolled out the red carpet for you or didn't treat you like roylty well you are the child actually, so get over your self lol SHOP AT PET WORLD! YOU WILL NOT BE DISSAPOINTED! (Fairport road is the best one ;) —
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Photo provided by FlickrJun 29, 2017 - Pet Supplies Plus is now hiring a Store Team Member in Fairport, NY
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