Hi, I bought a few pairs of zebra finches from some pet stores

Jun 1, 1998 - Pet stores may sell tiny cages and label them as
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Mar 20, 2008 ... Learn how to handle finches with care and what to do if one escapes ... She has many years experience working in pet stores and caring for her ...
I was looking at the society finches at my local petstore when I overheard a man who was also looking at them.
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Generally, finches are among the most common group of birds sold in pet stores. They make great pets because they are not only fairly quiet but also easy to keep. Many finch species are available including the well known and popular canary, the easy-to-keep and low-priced zebra and society finch species, and one of the most beautiful birds kept in captivity—the Gouldian finch. In the wild Zebra Finches Sleep in Trees but in our homes they will sleep in little houses witch can also be Perchesed at a Pet store.
Photo provided by FlickrFinch seed is their everyday food and seed mixes are readily available at a pet store
Photo provided by FlickrFeb 1, 2015 - Generally, finches are among the most common group of birds sold in pet stores
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You can find good quality finch food at your pet store. Buy a food that states that it is specifically for finches. You can also supplement their diet with bird treats, such as honey sticks,and also with fruits and vegetables from the grocery store. You can give them foods such as oranges, apples, grapes, cherries, matchstick carrots, and parsley. Be sure the vegetableshave been thoroughly washed before giving them to your birds. Remove any uneaten fruits or vegetables from the cage within a few hours so thatthe food doesn't spoil and make your birds sick. If you intend to breed your zebra finches make sure that you know what you are going to do with the babies after they hatch. Not all pet stores willtake zebra finches off your hands and don't necessarily trust your friends to take proper care of your surplus pet birds (unless you know that they will because theyare responsible pet owners).A finch with a varied diet will usually not need vitamins, however, if you only feed your finch one type of food (such aspackaged finch seeds) then you may need to supplement their diet with bird vitamins available at the pet store. However, you mustbe very careful not to overdose your birds. More vitamins isn't better and may harm your birds.If you don't want your finches to breed then don't include a nest in their cage. However, keep in mind that many finches prefer to sleep in nests and so they will be happiest with a nest. An alternative is to remove their eggs and replace them with "fake" eggs, whichcan usually be purchased at the pet store. Breeding very young birds is not recommended.I've even had some pet finches that prefer to take all of the nesting materials and build their own little nest in thebottom corner of the cage floor. The finches that I've had do this have built quite elaborate nests on the cage floor and theyseem very happy in the nest they've made themselves and tend to ignore the store bought nests. Finches may be purchased from a pet store or a reputable breeder. When selecting a finch, try to choose a young bird. The lively, alert bird is more likely a healthy bird. Hand raised babies are not commonly available but may make better pets since they have some socialization with humans. After purchasing your new bird, have it examined by a veterinarian familiar with birds.