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As Peggy Woods Pet Emporium is the last pet store in Burbank selling puppies, Ira Lippman has the most to lose from any city council decision that may prevent sales of puppies at pet stores in Burbank. BurbankNBeyond did an extended interview with Lippman to get a better perspective on his position regarding the issue of puppy sales, puppy mills, and the motivation of animal rights groups which oppse his business model.
BurbankNBeyond: What will happen if the city council determines we should stop the sale of puppies in pet stores?
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Led by Best Friends Animal Society, which has been campaigning against retail sale of pets for nearly five years, pet stores are closing down at an unprecedented rate, according to Elizabeth Oreck of Best Friends who has spearheaded the organization’s initiative work on puppy mills and who first brought the proposal to the Burbank City Council last February. C and C Pet Food and Supplies 4 Less in Burbank is a high-quality pet store that has everything from pet food to toys.
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Description: Pet Mania is a family owned pet shop serving the Burbank/North Hollywood area. The owners and staff truly care about the health and well being of all animals that come into our store and we see to it that they all have proper care and loving homes. All adoption fees are used to pay for animal food and health care (vaccines, vet visit etc).As of January 2013 there is only one remaining pet store selling puppies in Burbank. That is Peggy Woods Pet Emporium. Another pet store, Millennium Pets, stopped selling puppies in 2012, although they still sell birds, reptiles, and pet supplies.Note: This is part three of a series on the issue of pet stores selling puppies in Burbank (California), whether the city should prevent sales of puppies in Burbank, and a greater issue of animal abuse through the distribution of puppies produced in “puppy mills.” The series was originally posted at by the author. Fromm Family Foods artisan pet food and treats are sold through the following independent and locally owned pet supply stores in Burbank, California. Interviews with pet store owners, including Ira Lippman from Peggy Woods Pet Emporium and Vahe from Millennium Pets indicates animals rights groups, including BurbankCROPS and Best Friends Animal Society have put tremendous pressure on their operations, with frequent visits by members who informally inspect their facilities, subjectively documenting conditions within the facility for use in either discrediting or exposing violations within the shop. I am very surprised to read any bad reviews about Burbank Pet Plaza and when I came across them I just had to write one myself!

This store had been about for as long as I can remember and EVERY time I need help with my animal problems they are ALWAYS there for me.

My wife and I got a cat from there 2 years ago and it was the best choice we ever made. We looked around at all the surrounding store that had cats and the shelters but Burbank Pet Plaza was the best choice. The cats there are rescued! Not bought from breeders! Yay!! The kittens and all the other animals there are VERY well taken care of. The only this is you do have to wait for the kittens to be available but that is because they want to make sure the kittens are health before they adopt them out. (which I hope all store and rescues would do).


I have checked out all the other pet stores in the area and non of them come close to this one!!