What are some pet stores that sell tarantulas?

Apr 28, 2016 - Amongst the different species offered in stores are four of the most popular ..
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There are so many things wrong with these "care sheets" that I don't even know where to start and felt the need to create an account specifically to direct people to proper information. I'm sorry if this is hurting someone's feelings up in coorporate, but this has to be the most moronic idea someone has come up with in the pet industry; selling aggressive species when it's obvious the seller has no clue for even basic tarantula husbantry based on the information I did read, and trust me, it didn't take long before I just gave up.

I love tarantulas, and own many of these species, but some of them are simply NOT for casual beginners or inexperienced employees. Now I'd like to add that while none of these species will do terrible harm (unless you just happen to be allergic, which is unlikely) some of them have a very painful venom and are more likely to strike than other docile species.

Please reconsider at least putting out proper care information and removing the more aggressive species from your stores; I'm sure it will be only a matter of time before you misrepresent a species or give out improper information on an aggressive spider and a lawsuit will follow.
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If your Petco stores are properly taking care of their tarantulas, that’s fantastic. The sad fact is, the majority of the Petco, PetSmart, and other pet stores have no idea how to properly care for the various species of tarantulas they sell. Worse still, when folks in the know try to help them with some husbandry tips, they are often ignored or shooed away. and inverts for sale including Goliath, Cobalt Blue, Trapdoor, Centipedes, and more
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The tarantula hobby has grown over the last couple of decades to the dimensions I thought I'd never experience. Because this is not something people did 30, 40 years ago for sure.

Tarantula hobby is big at the moment. And there are a lot of extremely knowledgeable people out there. The first line is, ironically, reptile shops. You'll find stores that are specializing in reptiles. Naturally they go to amphibians like frogs, newts, toads and salamanders. And further naturally they go to invertebrates. Millipedes, scorpions, tarantulas, centipedes and the like are all becoming common captive bread animals.

So for the common person that's the usual place to go. Is an animal specialty store, an exotic animal store or a reptile store. Check out listings in your local papers. See who's around where you live. If you're not in an area of the country that has a shop like that, sorry. But then online is the only other place to go.

And I would look for the many excellent tarantula breeders who are on the market right now. People who work usually from a home based business, but just have an arachnophobia that's a good kind. And that they love tarantulas, know more about them than most scientific people and will steer you in the right direction. Responsible purchasing comes from responsible sellers. And that's what you have to seek out. People who are not just looking to make a quick sale and tell you anything you want to hear. That tends to be more in the big box store type of pet stores that have dogs, cats, fish, birds, oh yeah we have tarantula. They can't possibly be as knowledgeable as somebody who breeds tarantulas for a living.

So stick to people who really know their stuff, the local specialty shop or the online breeders. Breeders are fantastic, of course, because you're getting captive breed animals, not wild caught ones.

So do your homework on who you're purchasing from. Just as much as you're doing homework on what you're purchasing. And you'll have an excellent experience having a tarantula as a pet.It wasn’t until recently that my wife and I were talking and I expressed interest in possibly acquiring a new tarantula. I still had my G. poteri, and although she was going strong, I dreaded the day she would no longer be with us. As I started to do some research, discovering the staggering variety of tarantulas available, I worried that I wouldn’t be able to find these amazing species. After all, my state couldn’t sell them, and the out-of-state pet stores had a very limited selection.My state isn’t allowed to sell tarantulas in pet stores, so our Petco and Petsmart stores don’t carry them. I will say that the local one DOES do a nice job caring for its snakes and reptiles.My state isn’t allowed to sell tarantulas in pet stores, so our Petco and Petsmart stores don’t carry them. I will say that the local one DOES do a nice job caring for its snakes and reptiles.