Pet Gear Expedition Pet Stroller

I SO need this......Pet Gear Dog Stroller Expedition Pet Stroller Blue up to 150 lbs PG8800SB
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Love this stroller! Best investment I've made! I bought a blue one and then my friend bought a red one. Great when our little dogs get too tired to walk or when the temps are to warm for them......we always put self cooling gel cool pads inside the stroller on hot days. Also great when there are too many people in tourist areas or crowded cities as they stay safe from getting stepped on or from people who constantly want to pet and play with them. The strollers are easy to push even on grassy areas. The only thing that could use improving is access to the bottom basket as the space between the stroller bottom and the basket is a bit tight.......maybe the basket should be installed like the human baby strollers that I see. I have 2 Yorkies (10 and 9 lbs) and they fit inside without a problem. My friend has a Cavalier King Charles (12 lbs) and she loves the stroller as well......plenty of room for the dog and even her travel bag inside. We are very happy and highly recommend this product. Please note that Overstock has the best price around...the free shipping and the coupon were a bonus. Thank you!
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I love my stroller for Wynston, and he loves it too! I bought it almost 2 years ago now and it was well worth the money. I use it for every pet event I attend and for his photo shoots 🙂 The brand is Best Pet. Dog Stroller, Pet Strollers and Why|Best Dog Stroller and Pet Strollers
Photo provided by FlickrPet strollers are made for all sizeof pets, although most are designed with smaller pets in mind.
Photo provided by FlickrHere are my top 10 picks for the best pet strollers available on Amazon:
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Monaco™ Stroller is Gen7Pets’ first Platinum Series stroller. It combines luxury, style and convenience into one fantastic product. From the lightweight... The perfect combination of mobility and style, the Regal™ Plus Pet Stroller offers your dog or cat the luxury of three wheels (traditionally reserved for... Promenade™ Pet Stroller can hold a pet up to 50 pounds or multiple little pets. Not only does it include four of our special Smart-Features™, but it also... The Kittywalk SUV Pet Stroller is a rugged stroller for pets that handles curbs, steps and most outdoor terrain with ease. Whether you want to take your pet for a stroll to the mall, or on an "off-road" hike, the Kittywalk SUV Stroller easily maneuvers in all directions with its 7 1/2" wheels. It comfortably fits cats and dogs up to 50 lbs. It comes in a stylish navy blue and doubles as a carrier when not attached to the stroller's metal frame. So now you can take your cat or dog on trips to the vet sans the bulky plastic carrier. There's no limit to where you and your pet can travel in the G7 Jogger™ Pet Stroller. It can hold a pet up to 75 pounds and boasts all of our Smart-Features®... The Gen7Pets Regal Plus Pet Stroller is a stylish stroller for small dogs and cats designed to be convenient, comfortable, and safe in every way. The many Smart-Features® of the Gen7Pets Regal Plus Pet Stroller include a Smart-Canopy with see-through mesh window that opens up and out of the way to give your pet more room when opened. This differs from most strollers that open down into the pet compartment, making access to your pet more difficult. Another important feature are Smart-Zippers, two (2) pre-zipped zippers that are easy to open and close from either side of the stroller. These zippers never need threading, so there's less fumbling while zipping up. The Smart-Basket feature is an enclosed carry-all compartment with a rear zipper, which provides easy access to your safely secured belongings underneath the pet compartment. It's a great place to store toys, treats, or even a purse or handbag. The 38" Smart-Reach handle design offers greater kick space when you're pushing the stroller, so you can maintain a comfortable pace while walking.