Personalized Pet Strollers For Dogs And Cats

Blue Stroller & Carrier for Cats and Small Pets
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How much do cats enjoy pet strollers? When I leave for a walk, the cats left behind jump onto a window ledge and yowl until our return. Then, they meet us at the door excitedly awaiting their turns. They jump into the stroller, their eyes sparkling in anticipation of 'their walk".
G7 Jogger™ Pet Stroller for Dogs & Cats | Gen7Pets
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Many cats love to be outdoors, and going for a walk or to the park can be fun and relaxing for both of you. There are different ways that you can take your pet with you, but using a stroller will be easier on your arms and back, and will also give your cat, or cats, more room to lay in, and more comfort. G7 Jogger™ Pet Stroller for Dogs & Cats | Gen7Pets
Photo provided by FlickrOxGord Double Pet Stroller For Cats, Dogs and Other Household Animals
Photo provided by FlickrIt has a locking break, and many pet owners use this stroller for their cats.
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This charming stroller works wonders on the town or on the road. Your small pet rides cozy and secured in a snug carrier while also riding in style. It is perfect for cats, dogs with mobility restrictions or any occasion when stylish containment is essential. This is indeed a fancy ride. With a detachable carrier for cats and small dogs, the Kittywalk stroller doubles both as a stroller and pet carrier. It’s lightweight yet strong and is easy to maneuver on most surfaces, even with one hand! It’s also the perfect solution for cat owners who enjoy being outdoors and would love to give Kitty that freedom and keep her safe at the same time. This accommodates small dogs, cats and other pets in a spacious mesh ventilated enclosure, which can be detached from the stroller chassis via 4 Velcro straps and used by itself as a pet carrier on an airplane or in the car – Ideal for pets up to 25 lbs. The ‘Royale Classic’ is not just a hand-crafted designed to look like a luxurious piece of luggage (as the ), it is also multi-functional, serving both as a stroller as well as a portable pet carrier – Perrrrfect for pampered cats and small dogs up to 35 lbs. Walking by yourself can be as exciting as doing taxes. After seeing the paw-tential for cat's riding in pet strollers on You-tube videos from around the world, why not do it in Cottage Grove?Veterinarian Dr. Marty Becker said, "...Another product for cats or small dogs: the Pet Stroller, which allows cat owners to get their felines out and about without the risk of them running off. The stroller includes a carrier that separates from the stroller, so it can also be used as a plastic carrier. It is good for smaller dogs in the summer, too, because hot pavement is not good for their claws." Price: $129.95When purchasing a pet stroller for small dogs or cats, consider your pets' weights and/or sizes. Strollers vary in size and cost. Our first stroller was small. It was an experiment to see if the cats would enjoy riding in it and they did! When they knew I was about to head outside, three or four of them would jump onto the "blue bus".“ It’s a wonderful vehicle for people who live in cities, where they have to take their cats to the vet in those heavy, awkward carriers,” said Ms. King, adding that the strollers are useful for transporting pets that are old or injured.