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 Crochet a candy corn Halloween sweater for your pet. You cat will look so…
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I have tried buying several pet store sweaters for my 6 year old Jack Russell, River. He is short and stocky and hard to fit in a decent sweater. A medium, is usually tight around his chest. This sweater is perfect for him, it's stretchy, warm and a great quality sweater for the very cold weather. What a beautiful sweater!!!!! Great quality and so soft and cuddly!!! My other dog, Rosalita likes wearing a lighter weight sweater inside through the cold winters. I am going to get her one of these as well, for the colder outside weather
Follow along with this video tutorial to learn how to make this pet sweater:
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I’ve been squirreling away Evan’s old wool sweaters for a while now—the ones that are too nubbly or moth-eaten for Goodwill—and I turned one of them into a sweater for Bruno. I’m not big on pet fashion, but Bruno is one of those dogs who likes wearing sweaters in the winter, even just to hang out on the sofa. (Fritz, on the other hand, despite being perpetually cold, loathes wearing sweaters. Go figure.) Candy Corn Pet Sweater
Photo provided by FlickrHandmade wool dog sweaters are made with hand knit organic wool and all natural plant dyes, perfect for the eco-conscious pet owner.
Photo provided by FlickrWe have some adorable pet gift ideas, from crochet dog sweaters to crochet collars. Try these free pet crochet patterns for free!
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Chihuahuas, along with many other breeds, are a prime example of pets that can benefit from wearing dog sweaters. Sweaters provide insulation these pets would ordinarily lack, making it possible for them to stay outside longer in cold weather and get their exercise. The combination of these measurements will help you match your pet to a particular size no matter which manufacturer you purchase from. Keep in mind, stretchy items will have some give, but sweaters made from less pliable materials may require you to select a garment for your pet from the next largest size category. Also keep this in mind if your pet is on the border line between sizes. Cold winter weather is the perfect reason to spoil your pet—as if you needed another excuse. These adorable rainbow pet sweaters and accessories will keep your fur baby cozy all winter long while you show off your pride. Plus, they’re sure to be a hit at holiday parties.

1) Rainbow Dog Scarf from The Woolly KrakenWatch more Great Craft Ideas videos:

All you need is an oversize sock to whip up an adorable sweater for a tiny dog.

Step 1: Put on his hat
Take the toe piece and put it on his head, pulling his ears through the slits.

Step 2: Go for a walk
Take him for a walk so he can show off his spiffy new outfit.

Step 3: Remove the top
Cut off the top of the sock, the part with the elastic, and discard.

Step 4: Cut a slit
Lay the sock on a flat surface so that it's in the shape of a "J." Fold the heel over and make a one-inch cut through both layers. Unfold and enlarge the slits if necessary so your dog's legs will fit through.

Roll down the top of the sock to make a turtleneck.

Step 5: Cut the toe
Cut off the toe of the sock, just past the seam. Fold the open edge over about an inch and make a small slit through both layers. Unfold and enlarge the slits if necessary to fit over your dog's ears.

Step 6: Dress your dog
Slide the sock over your dog’s body so that the top of the sock is around his neck. Pull his two front legs through the slits you cut in the heel of the sock.

Did You Know?
Seventy-three percent of Americans surveyed said they would go into debt to provide for their pet’s well-being. If you enjoy or crocheting, you might find it very satisfying to create your own pet sweaters. Most patterns allow you to adjust the number of stitches to achieve the custom fit your dog will appreciate. It's very tempting for most dog owners to buy their pet pooches a cute to wear around the house or outside. When looking for these sweaters, owners should take care to not pick the first sweater that they see. These sweaters are available in a wide number of styles, cuts, sizes, and more. and pull-on sweaters are the two predominant cuts available on the market. These sweaters range in sizes from the super small for tiny dog breeds up to the very large for big breeds.