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All you need is an oversize sock to whip up an adorable sweater for a tiny dog.

Step 1: Put on his hat
Take the toe piece and put it on his head, pulling his ears through the slits.

Step 2: Go for a walk
Take him for a walk so he can show off his spiffy new outfit.

Step 3: Remove the top
Cut off the top of the sock, the part with the elastic, and discard.

Step 4: Cut a slit
Lay the sock on a flat surface so that it's in the shape of a "J." Fold the heel over and make a one-inch cut through both layers. Unfold and enlarge the slits if necessary so your dog's legs will fit through.

Roll down the top of the sock to make a turtleneck.

Step 5: Cut the toe
Cut off the toe of the sock, just past the seam. Fold the open edge over about an inch and make a small slit through both layers. Unfold and enlarge the slits if necessary to fit over your dog's ears.

Step 6: Dress your dog
Slide the sock over your dog’s body so that the top of the sock is around his neck. Pull his two front legs through the slits you cut in the heel of the sock.

Did You Know?
Seventy-three percent of Americans surveyed said they would go into debt to provide for their pet’s well-being.
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Some dogs have trouble regulating their body temperature. Senior dogs, , and pets with diseases like and Cushing’s may require dog clothes to stay toasty. If you notice your pup pawing at a sweater or seeming uncomfortable, take it off! Many kinds of material can be irritating to dogs’ skin – such as wool – so choose a fabric blend that’s comfortable and cozy. Avoid dog sweaters with small, chewable parts like zippers and buttons; these can be ingested and cause an . Small Dog Sweater - Grey Dog Sweater - Small Dog Clothes - Small Dog Outfit - Pet Clothes For Dogs - Pampered Pooches - Terrier Sweater. $27.99.
Photo provided by FlickrShow off your dog's fashionable side with Petco's dog sweaters. These chic & classy dog sweaters are built for dogs of all sizes, large and small.
Photo provided by FlickrSmall dog clothes dog costumes Mushroom Chihuahua clothes Chihuahua clothing xxxs xxs xs s m L xL pets puppy Yorkie sweater clothes for dogs. $22.00.
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At Spoiled Sweet Pets you'll discover the cutest dog clothing & accessories for puppies, small dogs, & big dogs alike. Whether you have a little girl or a little boy we have the most adorable puppy outfits, winter dog sweaters, pretty dog dresses, winter dog coats & cozy dog pajamas in the latest up-to-the-minute designs that will compliment every pampered puppy's unique sense of style.As ridiculous as a pet in a sweater may seem, for many a dog clothes are the only way to keep warm in winter. Small dog breeds, pets with short or thin coats, puppies, , and pets with immune disorders need an extra layer when the temperature starts to drop. On the opposite end of the spectrum, large pets and those with thick fur should not wear dog clothes. Many breeds of dog – typically breeds – are designed to endure winter, like Malamutes, Akitas and Bernese Mountain Dogs.
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