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“A definite trend in the pet market today is that pet owners aren’t always willing to wait for mail order pet tags to arrive when they can now have them engraved while they wait,” explains Andrew Christie of Inland Products in Riverside, California, a distributor for the Tag Cube engraving machine. The Tag Cube engraver can be set up on the counter in any retail location to be operated by either a store employee or the customer with little assistance. The touchscreen display with its use of graphics offers a user interface that is completely self-explanatory. Says Christie, “The customer simply chooses the tag to engrave, places it in the machine, then follows the on-screen instructions to engrave the tag. In a matter of minutes, the retailer turns a 25 cent tag blank into a personalized tag that typically sells for between five to ten dollars.”
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Considering that big-box pet chains have the money to invest and the floor space to spare, it is not surprising that they have been the most optimally suited to offer such services. However, that has changed, say pet ID product manufacturers. From counter-top engraving machines to self-serve kiosks to ready-made tags, there are options for every retailer. The iMARC is a user friendly pet tag engraving machine
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Now you can easily add pet tag engraving to your list of services. With the iMARC, you’ll be promoting the benefits of pet ID to owners and have a great add-on sale to your collars, leads and pet dog or cat sales.

The iMARC Engraving System is the ultimate pet tag engraving machine. With a variety of tag and engraving options plus it's advanced machine features, the iMARC is a breed above all other pet tag engravers!

Compact and easy to use the iMARC Engraver fits on most counter and desktops, allowing you to maximize space while offering quality custom engraved pet ID tags. You’ll have a variety of styles and shapes to choose and engrave on, and unlike many other systems the iMARC allows you to engrave both sides of a tag for added value.

Although small in size the iMARC system is big on features! With enhanced on-screen graphics, multiple type/ font styles, upper and lower text, a built-in tag counter, an optional custom logo capability and fast engraving process for better efficiency. You'll agree, the iMARC is the Ultimate Pet Tag Engraving System!

For best results, use with iMARC tags only; not designed for use with other tags. Comes with a one-year manufacturer's warranty.

Are you looking at getting a pet id tag engraving machine? Well this is the guide for you. Getting a pet id tag engraving machine doesn’t have to be hard. Below is my full guide on how to get a great pet tag engraving machine.If you’ve ever been to a pet store, you might have seen pet tag vending machines that can quickly and cheaply engrave tags for your pets. However, you can also use these to make sturdy tags for your luggage, or even your keys.Vip engravers – these guys also specialise in pet tags. Their machine, the CE-1000 is a computerized engraving system that comes with a touch screen and keyboard. The coolest thing about this machine is that it has an automatic clamping system. This will save you money on buying expensive tag-holding jigs.