Pandren Flowing Spirit Team Lineup: , , and lvl pet.

Here are the pet team members that are available for the pet care services.
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I have run every battle with multiple teams multiple times, and I aim for strategy requires two pets. So that those can be adapted by you, or by me once I get the urge to level a great deal of pets again to include lower level pets. (though I am fairly curtain you can squeeze in leveling pet easy)
Day 6 finds the PET team split in a variety of directions, as they serve in multiple ways.
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: For this pet and the next, I was aiming for a team of family pets with Dragonkin abilities but there is only one of those combinations! The old work horse, , of course. To round out the team, I used 2 strong dragons with heals or avoidance like . After the mechanical is dead, keep up (refresh at 1 turn remaining) and on cooldown. If you can survive the Gazer and outlast the buff on the second bet, the , you can use the easily use the for the next two pets without having to use your third pet. Burning Pandren Spirit Team Lineup:  , , and lvl pet.
Photo provided by FlickrWhispering Pandaren Spirit Team Lineup: , , and lvl pet.
Photo provided by FlickrHarold and Twyla Van Wyk share the team’s full day giving out P.E.T.’s to those who need them
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Crisis situations often require immediate help. The Sentara RMH Psychiatric Emergency Team (PET) provides crisis intervention, assessment, information and referral assistance anytime--day or night--through the Sentara RMH Emergency Department. Our staff of licensed clinical social workers, licensed professional counselors and mental health counselors provides on-site support to the Emergency Department to assist in evaluating patients who present with mental health concerns. These also include alcohol/substance abuse problems.Sentara RMH provides 24-hour, seven-day-a-week emergency psychiatric assessments. An experienced behavioral health professional, in consultation with physicians and psychiatrists, evaluates each person and determines the most appropriate level of care. To reach the Psychiatric Emergency Team (PET), call and ask that the PET be paged.If you think you may hurt yourself or someone else, call 911 immediately, or go to the nearest emergency room. Also know that you can be seen in the Sentara RMH Medical Center emergency department at any time by a member of our Psychiatric Emergency Team (PET).We've added Battle Pet Calculator buttons on all pages for player pets, trainer pets, and trainer NPCs. Clicking on this button will open up a new battle pet calculator with the trainer pet team or selected player pet.Getting started is simple--just click to pull up a list of pets. After selecting a pet, you can modify its breed, level, and rarity on the calculator. You can also load a premade trainer team or elite battle pet.Clicking the red X next to an individual pet will remove only that pet, if it's a player pet. Clicking the red X next to a trainer's pet will remove the entire team, as you can't mix and match trainer pets.