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Pet owners: There are a million reasons for your pet to still see the vet regularly.
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I can't believe she could seem normal just 3 days before being diagnosed with such high numbers. She only had one night of re-hydration and medication, and only one blood test and xray set done. She looked a lot better when they brought her to us to say goodbye, and she was alert and responsive for us, and according to the vet records. Due to not having any information on what would have happened if we had tried to treat her for a while has given me such guilt it is eating me alive. The vet has called me due to my concerns and has not been able to help much, aside from apologizing for not consulting with us fully and giving us the story and options. She also says that she was sorry for not preparing us for the euthanasia process. We blindly trusted this vet, hopefully it was the right decision. We were so distraught we weren't even thinking. We were afraid she would die painfully any minute. The vet said during one call that bringing her home to pass or treatments would have been other options, and again sorry for not talking to you first. This cat stayed by my partner through 6 years of end stage renal failure and dialysis, cancer surgery, heart surgery, and through seizure from diabetes and undoubtedly saved him. She stayed with him when I had to go to work. I am also guilty that I could not help her the way she helped us. But please, if your vet does not talk with you when recommending such a drastic step, ask questions, get answers. For me, it is too late. I am very devoted to those closest to me, and Kiggy was one of those 4 and I let her down without demanding info and options as well. I am also not convinced that they are indeed asleep if their eyes are open, and perhaps she did not want to die just yet. I can't be sure, and for me, the thought of her being conscious as her heart stopped with fear or wanting help is something I cannot even justify, even as an act of kindness. If she had trauma or was obviously in pain, this may have been an easier decision. Unfortunately, this experience has caused me to flip on euthanasia and I won't consider it again, the way I feel now. This could be bad for a pet that may need this help in the future, but the lack of info for me was the deal breaker, too late. Please please be sure to ask questions and snap out of the haze for the sake of your pet so you don't end up like me. I wish I had :(
Call  and hit prompt 2 to speak with a licensed ASPCA veterinarian in a pet medical emergency.
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Whether you are looking for staple goods or something a little more out of the ordinary, Pet-Vet Supply offers all of the you need. We carry a full-line of basic necessities including cat and dog food, treats, and toys to meet your day to day pet supply needs. For more special occasions, we offer a unique selection of fashionable pet products such as collars, leashes, bowls from our Coco’s Corner pet boutique located inside Pet-Vet Supply. So proud to call Pet Crossing my veterinarian for my pets! They are wonderful!
Photo provided by FlickrMobile Vet to Pet is committed to providing the very best care for your pet, with less stress, at a time convenient for you.
Photo provided by Flickr“And have your vet remove the lid for the exam. Your pet will feel more secure and be less likely to fight or try to flee.” —
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Whether you have a new puppy, an old cat or an ailing dog, Vet-to-Pet's Paula Loniak offers compassionate, professional service and advice tailored for your companion animals. Vaccinations, routine exams, emergency surgery, spaying and neutering, behavior problems — we handle any issue for dogs and cats. Serving the Portland Metropolitan area, Vet to Pet offers quality house-call veterinary services for your cat or dog without the hassle and stress of a trip to the veterinary hospital. From kitten and puppy exams to end of life care, we provide personal attention and compassionate assistance for your pet in the comfort and convenience of your home.Perhaps your work schedule means an evening veterinary appointment works best. Perhaps you have multiple pets to load for office visits. Or multiple children to load along with your animals. Maybe you're pet is no longer comfortable riding in a car. Whatever the reason, Dr. Loniak brings convenient compassion to your home. Vets should continually drive the point home—preventative care is not only necessary for keeping pets healthy, it’s more cost efficient and less stressful, too. Regular check-ups save everyone a scare later.