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GPS-based pet tracking systems offer pet owners peace of mind and give hunters an advantage.
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Most pet tracking systems on the market today use the cellular network to transmit your dog’s location data to a mobile device or computer. But one of life’s inconvenient realities is that transmitting data over the cellular infrastructure is not free, meaning a data plan is required for any of these systems to work. Not so with the RoamEO SeekR. Our GPS pet tracker works independent of the cellular network, making it a more reliable and cost effective way to keep your pet safe. Learn more below about the important differences between the technologies used in pet tracking systems.
The RoamEO Pet Monitoring System tracking device works right out of the box and requires no fees
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Dog owners all over the country are yelling for the latest in tracking systems used to help recover their lost pets. Thanks to developments in computers and technology, you now have GPS Pet Tracking systems that offer peace of mind and security. Once attached to the pet collar, these pet tracking devices provide round the clock monitoring of your dog’s movements. A GPS Pet Collar works in much the same way as the tracking system on your automobile does. Now, pets can be tracked down online with the help of detailed directions to their location courtesy of the collar. Through a series of alerts via phone, text messages or email, an owner can easily recover his missing pet in no time. It sounds like the perfect solution but before you rush out and buy one, ensure that you are making the right choice. Here is a checklist of 10 things to look out for when choosing a GPS Pet Tracking Collar: Each RoamEO SeekR GPS Pet Tracking system can track two dogs simultaneously. The system is shipped with one GPS dog collar;
Photo provided by FlickrIf you’re asking yourself ‘what is the best GPS dog tracking system?’ the Tractive GPS Pet Tracking System should be on your list of choices.
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The RoamEO SeekR GPS Pet Tracking system is a GPS-enabled Dog Collar and Handheld Receiver that work together to track your pet’s location. Our dog collar is designed with the latest GPS technology which generates precise location data as your pet wanders. This data is transmitted to your Handheld Receiver where your dog’s location and movements are displayed in real-time on a color LCD.Global Positioning Systems (GPS) have been in the market for quite a while now. Mostly used in cars and other vehicles, a GPS will allow you to pinpoint your location and determine the correct direction in a matter of minutes. Using this same technology, companies have now incorporated GPS devices onto collars for pets. Pet owners are able to track their missing pets if they are lost or stolen using GPS pet locators.We started with a simple premise: the most important feature for a pet tracking system should be tracking. Sure, sometimes it’s nice to have a system tell you how many steps your dog took last Thursday and it can be fun to watch video from a camera on your dog’s collar. But when your dog is missing, isn’t tracking the one feature you want your pet tracker to do really well? Using this premise to guide our design, PetTronix set out to create a best-in-class pet location system with the sole utility of being able to track your dog quickly and accurately. The result was the RoamEO SeekR, a reliable GPS dog tracking system that transmits an unlimited amount of location data without restrictions or a .Most other pet tracking systems operate using the cellular infrastructure. In simplest terms, these systems embed a cell phone inside their dog collars. And like all cell phones, users of cell-based pet tracking systems are required to pay a subscription fee for their system to work. The RoamEO SeekR uses a proprietary radio to transmit your dog’s GPS location data, eliminating the need for any third party services. All GPS Pet Trackers use satellites to find the location of the missing pet. The system then transmits the information regarding the whereabouts of your pet through the Internet, cell phone, or a special handheld device. Such protection occurs around the clock making sure your pet is safe 24/7. transmit information using either radio waves or cell phones. The problem with radio waves is that the transmission can be restricted where there is a limited signal. Likewise, GPS devices that use cell phones to communicate will only work if there is cell phone coverage available in that area.As an owner, there can be nothing more important than the safety of your beloved pet. Once your pet goes missing he /she is susceptible to accidents or being stolen. The sooner you are able to track your pet down and bring him back home, the better for everyone concerned. With GPS systems becoming more readily available, it is prudent for all pet owners to invest in one as soon as possible and save themselves a lot of time, money and worries in the long run.