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We took our dog Ryder to the Petsmart class and it was a really good class. The instructor was enthusiastic and even worked with us outside of the class. We got great advice, a bunch of coupons, and most importantly we learned how to train our dog. Plus if we ever need help again we can go back to get it. I don’t have any experience/knowledge of the Petco classes, but I recommend the Petsmart class. It’s worth every dollar!
I do know petsmart has a satisfaction guarentee, if your not happy with the results at the end of class you can re-take it under a different trainer.
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We did puppy training at Petsmart for Ranger, and we LOVED it! He actually starts the intermediate class next week! We had an amazing instructor and saw a HUGE change in Ranger’s behavior throughout the class. The big thing is that you won’t see results unless you practice at home – they’re training you more than they’re training the dog. As long as you’re willing to work at it, the classes are awesome!! Dog Training Treats: Premium Dog Treats | PetSmart
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You’ll begin your new life by joining the PetSmart team as a Bather. Once you have gained several months of experience handling all types of breeds by shampooing various breeds of our pet clients, you can apply to become a Groomer Trainee through the PetSmart Grooming Academy. Puppies are adorable! The messes they make? Not so much! PetSmart has you covered with tips for puppy potty training. Our wonderful PetSmart trainer, Shannon, along with Aaron and Guppy from Lazyron Studios will be your puppy training guides! In this video you’ll learn:

- About products that will help your pup go in the right place
- Positive reinforcement techniques - get ready for a puppy potty party!
- How to get your pup to go outside when he needs to go

Ready to learn more about puppy pet parenting? We’ve got you covered on all things puppy training: If you’re entrepreneurial, fashion forward, and have a passion for pets, PetSmart has built the perfect foundation for your new career path. We’re currently in search of novice Pet Stylists to receive formal training and start careers via the PetSmart Grooming Academy. No prior experience is required! We offer free, paid training in our Grooming Academy. This includes:PetSmart has unveiled a new Dog Therapy Training Course. The dog therapy training service prepares pet owners and their dogs for Therapy Dog evaluation, which is conducted by third parties dedicated to registering therapy pets. Once officially registered, the therapy dog and pet owner can work together to give back to their community, delivering emotional support to those who need it at senior living facilities, hospitals, schools, libraries, funeral homes, community centers and other locations.anywho...i think getting him into a basic obedience class would be good for him, he loves to learn and i think it would be a helpfull step in overcomming his NEED to tell every passer by how much he loves them by working around distractions...but the ONLY training classes even remotly close to me (both are over a 45 min one way trip) are petco and petsmart...i used to work for petco and know what kinf od "training" they give thier dog handlers...petsmart seems to get better reveiws (and i prefer that store due to clenlyness and comfort levels) butim still just not sure in terms of the training...“We are thrilled to be the first national pet retailer to offer this unique training program, and we look forward to the positive impact this new course will have on pet parents and their dogs, as well as in local communities across North America,” said Joanna Zucker, vice president of services for PetSmart. “We listened to our pet parents, who told us they wanted this new level of training. Our dog training services range from puppy training and beginner training to advanced and trick training. This new offering provides another way for pet parents to deepen their connection with their dog and a powerful way to give back.”