Wee-Wee Pet Training and Puppy Pads, 22" x 23", 150 count

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The invention of the best puppy pee pads for toilet training dogs solved the major problem for all new pet owners. Today, most veterinarians, dog trainers and pet owners themselves recommend the convenience of puppy pee pads for toilet training your dog as the quickest solution to avoid messes at home.
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You can’t always teach an old dog new tricks, but our wide selection of dog potty pads and pet diapers sure will make it easier! These specially designed potty pads have a built-in attractant to teach your puppies where to go, or give your seniors an emergency spot to relieve themselves in those instances when they can no longer hold it. The unique plastic lining allows your dog to find comfort without damaging your home, as their potty training transitions from indoors to outdoors. For pets that have a tendency to urinate from over-excitement, incontinence or female dogs in heat, pet diapers may be the solution that you have been searching for. Chewy offers both disposable and reusable options so that you can find the perfect fit for you and your dog’s needs. Simple Solution 30 Disposable Diapers provide leak-proof protection and a breathable outer layer that creates a custom fit to your dog, allowing both of you a peaceful sleep at night. Vet’s Best Perfect-Fit Washable Diaper for Female Dogs is a washable option specially designed for female dogs that are in heat or may experience urinary incontinence. They allow for flexibility and movement while preventing leaks to keep your dog comfortable and you reassured. Member's Mark pet training pads provide all day protection for puppies and dogs of all ages
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The Pruven Pet Training Pads 50-Pack - 21" x 23" protects floors and carpets from pet messes. These dog training pads are ideal for housetraining dogs, pets home alone, and ailing, incontinent, or senior dogs. These 3M Pruven pads feature quick absorption to eliminate run off and tracking. These Pruven pet pads measure 21 by 23 inches.Our exclusive quilted pattern design offers maximum absorbency. Pet training pads are used as a training aid for puppies or older dogs. Made of an advanced technology polymer that absorbs and traps liquid, sealed edges and leak-proof backing protects floors from wetness and provides easy clean-up.Bringing home a new puppy is an exciting day for both you and your family. The one thing you won’t find exciting though is potty training. As the owner of a new puppy, you’re responsible for teaching that dog to use the bathroom outside of the house. A great training aid that many pet parents find helpful is a puppy pad. Made from absorbent materials, these pads absorb the urine from your new pet and keeps that liquid from touching the floors in your home. Check out the 10 best puppy training pads to find which ones are the right size for your newest family member.The Mini Pee Wee dog potty indoor or outdoor grass dog toilet that is your pets bathroom. The reusable grass is safe, clean replaces dog pee pads and is great for puppy training.With these All-Absorbing Training Pads, you won’t worry about pet odors in your home. Made from a unique material that actually absorbs urine and whisks away the liquid to keep the urine from lingering in the surrounding air. A special additive added to the pads pulls the urine towards the center, and an odor neutralizer in between the layers reduces any odors left behind. The surface dries quickly to keep your pets from tracking urine through your home too.If you’re tired of coming home and finding the smell of urine waiting for you, try these odor eliminating puppy pads from Hartz. Hartz attended a patented quick drying technology feature that instantly turns any odor on the pad into a thick gel that won’t roll off, and your pet can’t drag that gel throughout your home either. You can use these pads for house training or to help an older dog with incontinence issues.