Why is activity tracking for pets important?

  Finding Fido: No-fee GPS pet tracker will tell you exactly where your pet is
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Radio collars are considered the "older" technology, but they've been improved. No longer do they all have antennas on the dog's collar (although many long-range ones designed for hunting dogs still do), but you still must be within a certain range to detect your dog. As long as you're within range (which could mean driving around until you get a signal), it takes only about a second to transmit your dog's location. Radio might not find your pet indoors, unless it's penetrating radio frequencies, which is used by one collar we looked into.
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For the price, there is currently no better way to keep tabs on your pets. We’re constantly moving towards a world where everything important to use can be tracked, quantified, and logged, and the Whistle 3 is just the next step towards having our entire lives in the palm of our hand. Do you resell or manufacture pet trackers? We can remove the hassle of managing your SIM cards.
Photo provided by FlickrScout personal GPS trackers for kids and pets are now shipping!
Photo provided by FlickrCompared to other pet tracking systems, the Whistle GPS system has a lot of benefits:
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The Tagg tracker is designed for dogs and cats over 10 lbs. and is a small, lightweight and durable device that attaches securely to an existing collar. Built to withstand all the running, digging and jumping of a pet’s busy day, the tracker is meant to be worn at all times, even while swimming. The long-lasting battery can last up to 30 days, but actual battery life will vary based on usage patterns. Convenient features have been built into the compact, stylish and comfortable tracker, including battery recharge notifications and a trip button, which allows pet and owner to take walks, car rides or travel without sending an alert.But what Exactly are GPS Pet Trackers? Which ones are the Best? How do they work? How much do they cost? How will they keep my dog and cat safe? We are going to dig deep into the topic. We have compiled a unique list and reviewed our choice for the .Tagg—The Pet Tracker service is provided on the Verizon Wireless network, giving pet parents reliable access to tracking information via its nationwide coverage. The Tagg Master Kit, which includes all hardware and one full year of service, is $199.99 and has an anticipated September ship date. Individual trackers for additional pets in the same family are also available.Most pet tracking systems on the market today use the cellular network to transmit your dog’s location data to a mobile device or computer. But one of life’s inconvenient realities is that transmitting data over the cellular infrastructure is not free, meaning a data plan is required for any of these systems to work. Not so with the RoamEO SeekR. Our GPS pet tracker works independent of the cellular network, making it a more reliable and cost effective way to keep your pet safe. Learn more below about the important differences between the technologies used in pet tracking systems.Tagg—The Pet Tracker is a trademark of Snaptracs Inc. Qualcomm is a registered trademark of Qualcomm Incorporated. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.The RoamEO SeekR begins tracking the instant you need it and transmits precise GPS location updates every few seconds, guiding you directly to your dog. The simplicity of tracking with real-time GPS data combined with the affordability of subscription-free technology make the RoamEO SeekR the ideal pet tracker to keep your loyal companion safe wherever your adventures take you.