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JetBlue | Help Guidelines for traveling with pets on international flights
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But don't start packing your pet boa constrictor, rooster or armadillo just yet. JetBlue will only transport small cats and dogs who, along with their carrier, weigh no more than 20 pounds.
JetBlue is now offering  for $299. Customers get unlimited pet travel from September 7 to December 31, 2012 — any day of the week.
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JetBlue becomes the first airline to offer this type of inclusive pet flying plan as pet travel is becoming the norm for pet owners. As with most offers, there is a catch. These passes went on sale yesterday and will only be on sale through September 5, 2012 or “while supplies last.” In addition, the airline is reminding those purchasing the pass that holding a pass does not necessarily guarantee your pet a spot on a flight as they have a limit of four pets per flight. An estimated 80,000 pets travel on JetBlue each year and the JetPaws program is designed to make traveling with pets a smoother experience.
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recently launched , a new travel service that is pet "fur-iendly." (I swear I did not come up with that! It's from JetBlue's !) OK, so what does JetPaws provide, you might ask? From there, it gets kitschy. JetBlue is selling trademarked pet travel gear, including a and a , which includes a fleece blanket, a white rubber bone toy, and a 16-ounce bowl emblazoned with the JetPaws logo. And, for the four-legged passenger that wants to display some JetBlue love, the airline has dog-sized and sporting the JetBlue logo and cute phrases like "JetWag" and "I only beg for Blue Chips." Seriously.JetPaws will kick in two points each way when you travel with your pet, which is a nice perk. Other than that, customers receive a pet carrier bag tag, which, JetBlue says, will "let everyone know your pet is ready to jet," as well as Travel Petiquette, "a handy list of JetBlue's social graces of pet travel." JetBlue will also send you a welcome email with information and tips for your upcoming flight, and the airline has a free pet travel guide available for download on its site. What do you think? Is JetPaws a step forward for travelers with pets, or just clever marketing? And would you get your little canine friend a JetBlue hoodie? Don't be shyI'm a pet owner (the cutest dog and cat you ever did see), so I'm glad JetBlue is making pet travel seem more like a service than a hassle, even though my dog is too large to fly the JetBlue skies. And JetBlue does seem to have its heart in the right place by making (small) pets welcome aboard its planes. But JetBlue Doggie Polo shirts? I draw the line at dog clothes. I mean, small dogs in funny clothes are cute and all … the way they waddle around looking sort of confused … adorably confused … you know, I bet my dog would look cute in one of these … and Christmas is around the corner, so—wait! What am I saying? No clothes for dogs! No!JetBlue Airways is very pet friendly. Their program, JetPaws, includes a pet carrier bag tag, 300 TrueBlue points each way, a welcome e-mail and a free pet travel guide. They have flights primarily on the east and west coast of the United States, the Caribbean, Aruba and Colombia.