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It’s important for customers to visualize their pets using a travel product.
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Beside pet relocation services, our sister company Poochie & Buddies Pet Centre, an established pet centre located in Bandar Puteri Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia provides pet boarding andgrooming services, pet products etc... Thus, your pets will be taken care well during transit prior to departure as we have boarding centre of our own. To know more aout our pet centre, feel free tovisit our facebook page (Poochie & Buddies Pet Centre)
KC Pet Airline Travel Products has a mission to continually improve our company, our products and our customer service.
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“When pets ride free and easy, there are a lot of risks — to you, your pet and the other drivers on the road,” she said, stressing the difference between restraining a dog to avoid distraction while driving (which all the products may do) and for safety. “When your dog rides without proper restraint, in an accident, he will become a projectile.” As for a dog riding in a passenger’s lap, she reminded me that this is illegal with babies and children for good reason. Find cheap pet products for pet travel and pet travel products on sale in the Pet Travel Store.
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I later found out that while we were road-tripping, the (CPS), a nonprofit research and consumer advocacy organization, was administering crash tests of pet crates and small carriers. The testing took place at MGA Research, an independent National Highway Traffic Safety Administration-contracted testing laboratory in Manassas, Va. I didn’t really want to think about the possibility of a crash — nobody does — but the more I learned about product testing, the more I began to question my own practices. Until now, consumers have had very little information about which products are most reliable at keeping dogs and cats safe in the car. With the completion of CPS’s recent crash tests and its forthcoming safety product standards, the organization — not affiliated with the pet product industry — is, thankfully, shedding some light on the safest ways to restrain four-legged passengers. KC Pet Products LLC is our newest division of Kitty Condos. We have been in the Pet Industry since 1997, owning, managing and running an award winning First Class Cat Only boarding kennel, Kitty Cat Condos. We are dedicated to making life better for all pets. KC Pet Products was a way for us to not only help local pets we encountered but to actually touch pets all OVER THE WORLD. We began the KC Pet Products Division with our Patented DryFur Pet Carrier Inserts and have continued developing products focused on making pet airline traveling safer & more comfortable.WASHINGTON, DC (May 15, 2013) " Center for Pet Safety™, the nonprofit dedicated to consumer and companion animal safety, today announced that it will allow pet product manufacturers the use of its proprietary, instrumented and weighted crash test and static dog models for product testingof pet travel products through a licensing agreement.As you may know our pet airline travel products are very time sensitive. If they arrive a few hours after your scheduled flight they are rendered worthless. The extended shipping cut off times give us the ability to shorten your orders transit times by a full day, which will ultimately help you save time, stress and possibly a lot of money.In its 2011 pilot study of popular dog harnesses, The Center for Pet Safety (CPS), discovered that many pet restraints and other pet travel products are not tested before going to market. The study revealed an alarming 100 percent failure rate of the tested harnesses and none of the products were deemed safe enough to protect the dog and the humans in the event of an accident. Preliminary crate testing was performed as well, raising additional safety concerns for vehicle occupants.